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Arlington, Texas, is a rapidly growing area and its presence within the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex means that continued growth is certain. As you would expect from an area seeing such sustained growth, the medical industry is quite healthy. That means you have a wealth of options, including the opportunity to become a CNA in the city. CNAs can enjoy a very rewarding career, with challenging work and good earning potential, as well as plenty of room for advancement. The first step is to register for CNA classes in Arlington.

Finding Information about Jobs in the City

The first step in ensuring that you make a good decision regarding your career is to gather some information about jobs in Arlington. You’ll find that you can learn quite a bit about the industry by perusing job listings on Craigslist. While the city of Arlington does not have a dedicated page, the listing for Dallas/Fort Worth includes Arlington and several other nearby areas. This gives you the ability to find out what employers in the area are actively hiring, what potential pay you can expect from various employers and what duties different positions require.

Beyond those online job ads, you can find job information and even assistance with finding employment  as a CNA in Arlington by working with one of the city’s several medical staffing agencies. You’ll find that this can offer a range of different benefits, thanks to the fact that many medical centers rely on staffing agencies to help them fill empty slots in their roster. You can use Rhino Medical as a source.

Licensing and Education Requirements in Texas

Like all states in the US, you have to take and pass a licensing exam in order to become a CNA in Texas. You’ll find that the state also mandates you attend one of the state approved education programs. However, the requirements here are a bit more lenient than in some other states. You only have to attend CNA programs that run 75 hours, but there are longer programs  available for students who want to maximize their education.

If you already have your training from another state or have completed training in the state of Texas after 1989, you can challenge the exam. For those who are just getting their education, sitting for the exam will be necessary. It covers both multiple-choice questions and a physical skills assessment portion. Failing the test will require that you retake it, and the state lets you try three times before you have to go back through the education program.

CNA Training in Arlington

One of the most important considerations for aspiring certified nursing assistants  is getting the right training through one of the approved CNA programs in the city. There are quite a few different education providers in the city and within the greater Metroplex area that offer CNA classes, all of which can help you get the education that you need. You will find that the following training centers can provide you with quality CNA classes in Arlington:

  • North Texas Institute – This campus isn’t located in Arlington, but in nearby Fort Worth, and offers 100 hours of classes (runs 10 weeks). Clinical training is conducted off-campus at a nearby long-term care facility.
  • PCI Health Training Center – This  CNA training provider offers a location in Dallas, as well as one in Richardson, and provides three different medical training programs including various CNA classes.

Key Employers for CNAs

After graduation, you will need to find employment to become a working certified nursing assistant. You can use the medical staffing agencies mentioned above, but you can also apply directly with quite a few medical facilities in the Arlington area. The following employers rank high:

Salary Information

CNAs in the Arlington area can earn a very competitive salary. As of August 6, 2020, the median pay for a Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) in Arlington, TX is $31,400 annually or between $26,070-$37,647 (

Key Skills Learned in Arlington CNA Training

One of the reasons you need to undergo training in CNA programs is to learn the specific skills necessary to provide excellent patient care. The skills you learn in your CNA classes will include:

  • Basic medical care
  • First aid and CPR
  • Proper moving and lifting techniques
  • Personal care, would care, infection prevention and how to cleanse and bathe patients
  • How to deal with patients suffering from disabilities and mental health conditions
  • CNA Training Centers
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  • Phone Number
Alpha Career Institute: Nurse Aide Program 1115 E. Pioneer Pkwy, #112 817- 468-9062
ArlingtonAccuratecare Health Institute 1221 California Lane Ste. 120 469- 742-8700
Florence Health Care Svcs-Training Ctr, Inc 2401 Ave. J, Ste. 240 817- 274-3733
Liberty Nursing Institute 1619 West Division Street 817- 652-4409
Quality Care Career Institute 801 Ave. H, Ste 115 817- 801-8308
School for Allied Health Professional Nursing Assi 4100 Embarcadero Dr. 817- 323-8160
Springpack Healthcare Institute 1144 West Pioneer Pkwy 817- 394-2600
Texas Career Institute-Arlington 1601 E. Lamar Blvd, Ste 111 817- 460-2000
University of Arlington, Health Careers Institute 140 W. Mitchell St (P-Box 19197) 469- 682-9224