It is interesting to discover that the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that a nearly 34% increase in demand for CNAs will occur over the  next ten years while the State of Texas indicates that it will have a shortage of CNAs estimated at 70,000. That’s right! Seventy thousand job openings in less than ten years! Clearly, this means that someone hoping to become a become a certified nursing assistant via CNA classes in Houston should have no trouble finding a job.

Information about CNA Jobs in Houston

Naturally, it all begins when you conduct an official “job search”. You are going to see right away that there are many types of jobs available to those who have their CNA licensing. This is why you want to start with the “CNA specific” directories and portals and then broaden the search after that. We suggest using

At this website you are going to see only those jobs that are tagged as “CNA” positions. If you want to widen the search for employment in Houston, consider such basic engines as, or too.

If you want one of the most direct methods of getting work as a CNA in Houston, contact a healthcare staffing service. Below are the most common services at work in the city. These are firms that screen you and then give you ongoing employment in one facility or more. They include:

These groups screen you and the potential employers to ensure everything is “above board”. This means that you must have your CNA licensing if you want to work with an agency as a certified nursing assistant in Houston.

Details about CNA Classes and Licensing Requirements in Houston

Anyone who wants to become a CNA in Houston has to complete state approved CNA training. Houston CNA programs are all assessed and approved by the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services, or DADS. They certify courses in Dallas and throughout the state. This means if you take any CNA training program in Dallas, you can use it to work as a CNA elsewhere in the state.

CNA programs and classes will enable you to bathe, dress, feed, groom, and move patients under the direction of a nursing staff, while providing a few other daily services too. Any of these tasks demand, however, that you have the training demanded by the DADS.

To get your license through CNA classes in Houston, you must have at least 75 hours of learning with a minimum of 51 hours of traditional CNA classes and 24 hours of clinical training. You need the mandatory criminal background check along with a series of health screenings. You must pass the Competency Exam sanctioned by the state, and then you can become licensed.

Does this licensing work in other states or cities? You can work anywhere in Texas with this licensing, but if you are going to head outside of the state, the certification may not be accepted. You will also have to always pass any state’s competency tests too.

Available Medical Assistant Programs Options Accepting Students

Get information on Medical Assistant programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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CNA Training Programs in Houston

CNA training programs in Houston can be found at community centers and colleges, Red Cross establishments, and many colleges. They will all utilize the same curriculum, but some have more focused CNA classes or clinical studies that go beyond the basic 25 skills that an aide must have. The following locations are among the most frequently chosen for CNA training in Houston:

Information about Key Employers

With 99 hospitals in the Houston and surrounding area, plus dozens of nursing facilities and quality nursing homes in the region, it is going to be extremely easy to begin working as a CNA, especially if you look at the largest and top rated institutions. Below are the preferred and best hospitals in Houston and the area:

Today, the demand for CNAs has actually exceeded any other job in healthcare throughout the entire state of Texas. So, to put it plainly: you will find more than enough work as a CNA, but you need to choose the right area of the industry according to your need for income.

Salary information

The median annual Certified Nursing Assistant salary in Houston, TX is $33,080, as of August 6, 2020, with a range usually between $27,482-$39,671 (

Key Skills Learned In Training

CNAs in Houston dedicate less than 100 hours to their training programs to become a CNA, but in their classes, they will be obliged to study:

      • Anatomy and Physiology
      • Basic Nursing Skills
      • Basic Restorative Services
      • Care of Cognitively Impaired Residents
      • Mental health and Social Service Needs
      • Personal Care Skills
      • Resident’s Rights
      • Supervised Clinical Training with Nursing Home Residents

You should also do a “personality check” too, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics, and be sure you are compassionate, patient and have good language skills if you are to succeed as a certified nursing assistant in Houston as well.

  • CNA Training Centers
  • Street Address
  • Phone Number
Abundant Light of Aldine Bender 5335 Aldine Bender 713- 462-7808
Academy of Exceptional Healthcare Training 8449 West Bellfort, Ste. 395 936- 329-0478
Ace Training Institute 10101 Harwin, Suite #110 713- 777-4262
Allied School of Health (Southwest Campus) 6065 Hilcroft St, #603 713- 771-7737
Alpha Medical Institute 9207 Country Creek, Ste 101 281- 816-5858
American Medical Institute 10849 King Hurst Dr, Ste 120 713- 777-3996
Avalon Medical Career Academy 10101 Fondren, Ste 311 713- 772-5300
Bell Tech Training School Inc. 12000 Richmond Ave, Ste.130 713- 272-6820
Big-Services Medical Institute School 14829 Bellaire Blvd, Ste 2B 281- 679-0541
Blissful Touch Health Academy Inc 1880 South Dairy Ashford, Ste 210 281- 757-6621
Career School of Houston 9894 Bissonnet Street, Suite 470 832- 641-9812
Debonair Healthcare Training/Services 1718 Fry Dr, Ste 455 713- 774-1022
Evangel Health Care Institute 5138 Jefferson Street 281- 944-9535
Excel’s Health Inst-Home Care Inc 9898 Bissonnet #380 713- 923-6620
Faith Health Training Institute 10814 S. Kirkwood 713- 773-1701
Flex Health Career School 10103 Fondren Rd 281- 498-3200
Fortis College 6220 Westpark, Ste 180 713- 272-7879
Glorious Health Care Academy 6420 Hillcroft Ave, Suite 303 713- 266-6594
Healthcare Training Academy Inc 10900 Kingspoint Rd #12 (ATTN: Demetria S. Montalvo) 713- 789-9617
Hi-Tech Health Care 1927 Hampton 713- 378-4488
Houston Community College (96 Hours) 6815 Rustic 713- 538-7414
Houston Community College/Northwest Campus 6815 Rustic 713- 718-6278
HoustonA-A Academy for Nurse Aides 2600 Gessner, Suite 203 979- 826-3331
I.T. Works 701 N. Post Oak Rd 713- 667-5474
Lone Star College-North Harris 2700 WW Thorne Dr, Cont. Ed 102 713- 871-8703
LuPaul Healthcare Academy 8449 W. Bellfort, Ste 200 281- 618-5719
MIKAVA INC. Training Center for Career Development 6160 South Loop East 713- 773-1232
Nimitz High School Certified Nurse Aide 2005 W.W. Thorne Dr 713- 643-5986
Nursepreneur Global Educational Oasis, PLLC 7352 Senate Ave 281- 443-7480
Nursing Bridges College 8700 Commerce Park Dr, Ste 255 832- 508-9574
Park Manor of South Belt 11902 Resource Pkwy 281- 856-0405
Parsons Health School 9898 Bissonnet 281- 922-6802
Pima Medical Institute 10201 Katy Freeway 281- 240-9625
Pioneer Health Training Institute 9100 Southwest Freeway, #245 713- 778-0778
Professional Careers Institute 6666 Harwin, Ste #160 713- 270-1988
Professional Careers Institute-North Campus 16903 Red Oak Drive, Ste 175 713- 783-3999
Prudent Health Training Center, Inc 6201 Bonhomme Road, Suite 435-N 281- 453-5999
San Jacinto College North 5800 Uvalde Rd 713- 255-7248
Smithwood Medical Institute LLC 7100 Regency Square, Ste. 210 281- 459-7114
Springville Academy Inc 16903 Red Oak Dr, Ste 278 713- 975-0971
Taylor Medical Institute 8240 Antoine Dr, Ste 208 281- 919-1624
Texas Health School, L.P. 11211 Katy Freeway, Ste. 170 281- 416-4063
Texas School of Business, North Campus 711 East Airtex Dr 713- 932-9333
The Academy of Health Care Professions 240 Northwest Mall 281- 443-8900
Vocational Nursing Institute, Inc 11201 Steeple Park Dr 713- 425-3100