Choosing to become a certified nursing assistant in Nevada offers so many rewards. Not only will you be able to help those who need medical attention but you will also be able to begin your career in the medical field. Those who choose to take CNA classes in Nevada will have the option to stay in this career or the CNA certification can be a gateway to higher up levels of medical professional, like RNs and LPNs. If you are interested in gaining your CNA certification in Nevada, then you are at the right place. You can easily get your training and certification with just a few steps.

Those who choose a career as a certified nursing assistant in Nevada can expect to make about $42,500 on average. The low end of the salary in the state, according to would be around $25,000 while the high end would be well over $60,000. This can definitely be a financially rewarding career option!

The Requirements for Nevada CNA Certification

Once you make the decision to follow a career path in the medical field and gain your CNA certification, then you will need to follow a few different steps. All of these steps will be absolutely vital to your CNA certification in Nevada. Here are the steps that you will need to take.

  • First, you will need to enroll in CNA classes in Nevada. According to the state of Nevada, you will need to take 75 hours of classes. The specific CNA programs and the college must be approved by the state of Nevada. As a rule, you can expect your CNA training to take between 9 and 13 weeks of classes.
  • After you finish your CNA classes, then your next step will be to take the Nevada examination to become certified. This examination is called the National Nursing Aid Assessment program examination.
  • The next step will be to get fingerprinted. You will need to register your fingerprint with the police station where you live and then you will need to register it with the Nevada State Board of Nursing.
  • Pass a background check.
  • Apply to be on the CNA registry.

In order to get the information that you need so that you may register your fingerprints and register as a CNA in the state of Nevada, you can click here. To apply for your CNA certification license, then click here.

Available Medical Assistant Programs Options Accepting Students

Get information on Medical Assistant programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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CNA Programs in Nevada

  1. Great Basin College

    1500 College Pkwy
    City/Locations: Elko, Battle Mountain, Ely, Lovelock, and Winnemucca (Also has locations in Pahrump and Tonopah)
    Phone Number: 775-753-2216
  2. Majen, LLC

    1005 Terminal Way, Ste. 145
    City/Locations: Reno
    Phone Number: 775-762-8039
  3. Mount Grant General Hospital

    P.O. Box 1510
    City/Locations: Hawthorne
    Phone Number: 775-945-2461
  4. Mountain View Health and Rehabilitation

    201 Koontz Lane
    City/Locations: Carson City
    Phone Number: 775-883-3622
  5. Perry Foundation Academy of Health

    470 E. Plumb Lane, Suite 310
    City/Locations: Reno (Also has a Henderson location)
    Phone Number: 702-413-7338
  6. Sierra Nevada Job Corps

    15175 Mt. Charleston St.
    City/Locations: Reno
    Phone Number: 775-789-0800
  7. Sonder CNA Training

    2480 Precision Dr. Suite A.
    City/Locations: Minden
    Phone Number: 775-443-7955
  8. Truckee Meadows Community College

    5270 Neil Rd. MDWN 153
    City/Locations: Reno
    Phone Number: 775-824-8640
  9. College of Southern Nevada

    6375 W. Charleston Blvd. W2K
    City/Locations: Las Vegas, Henderson, and Mesquite
    Phone Number: 702-651-5690
  10. Genevieve Training Center

    3601 W. Sahara Ave. Suite 103/104
    City/Locations: Las Vegas
    Phone Number: 725-202-2647
  11. Great Basin College

    1500 College Pkwy
    City/Locations: Pahrump, Tonopah
    Phone Number: 775-753-2216
  12. Live Savers Training Center

    4600 S. Eastern Ave. Suite 100
    City/Locations: Las Vegas
    Phone Number: 702-623-8616
  13. Perry Foundation Academy of Health

    2920 Green Valley Pkwy, Bldg 7, Suite 712
    City/Locations: Henderson (Also has Reno location)
    Phone Number: 702-413-7338
  14. PFC Nick Crombie Certified Nursing Assistant Training Academy

    100 Veterans Memorial Drive
    City/Locations: Boulder City
    Phone Number: 702-332-6784
  15. Saint Therese Learning Institute

    6600 W. Charleston Blvd., Ste. 134
    City/Locations: Las Vegas
    Phone Number: 702-395-1802
  16. Shiloh CNA School

    5980 South Durango Dr. Ste. 121
    City/Locations: Las Vegas
    Phone Number: 725-900-9094
  17. Standards of Excellence

    1931 Stella Lake Dr.
    City/Locations: Las Vegas
    Phone Number: 702-367-4348
  18. Dayton High School

    335 Dayton Valley Rd.
    City/Locations: Dayton
    Phone Number: 775-246-6240
  19. Elko High School

    987 College Ave
    City/Locations: Elko
    Phone Number: 775-738-7281
  20. Fernley High School

    1300 Hwy 95 S.
    City/Locations: Fernley
    Phone Number: 775-575-3400
  21. Southeast Career and Technical Academy

    5710 Mountain Vista
    City/Locations: Las Vegas
    Phone Number: 702-799-7500
  22. Southwest Career and Technical Academy

    7050 W. Shelbourne Ave.
    City/Locations: Las Vegas
    Phone Number: 702-799-4340
  23. West Career and Technical Academy

    11945 W. Charleston Blvd.
    City/Locations: Las Vegas
    Phone Number: 702-799-4080
  24. White Pine High School

    District 1800 Bobcat Dr.
    City/Locations: Ely
    Phone Number: 775-289-4811
  25. Yerington High School

    114 Pearl St.
    City/Locations: Yerington
    Phone Number: 775-463-6822

Making Nevada CNA Classes Affordable

Getting your CNA certification will cost you just over $1,000 in the state of Nevada depending on the school that you choose and the amount you need to spend on travel, supplies, and books. If you are concerned about the cost, do not be! You have options to make CNA programs more affordable.

  • Consider looking or a job that will help to pay for your CNA training. Some medical facilities, like nursing homes can assist you financially if you sign an agreement that says you will work for them after you become certified. Some of these facilities will pay for the training in full.
  • Look for lower cost programs that offer the CNA classes at lower fees than other. Just ensure that the school is on the approved list of CNA training programs.

Approved CNA Programs in Nevada

The good news is that there are plenty of approved CNA training programs that have been accepted by the state of Nevada for CNA certification. You can click here to see a full list. A few options that you could choose for your classes and training include the following:

Choosing to get your CNA certification in Nevada is a great way to begin your dream career in the medical field. You will find that there are numerous rewards to becoming a certified nursing assistant. Getting your CNA certification is quite easy in the state of Nevada. All that you need to do is choose an approved CNA training program, finish enough classes, and take the exam.

CNA Job and Salary Data for Nevada Cities

Urban Area Employed CNA’s Hourly Mean Wage Salary Range 10% – 90%* CNA Employment Per 1,000 Jobs
Carson City 290 $15.24 $12.51 – $18.73 10.78
Las Vegas – Henderson – Paradise 3,760 $16.36 $12.33 – $22.37 4.15
Reno 1,070 $14.22 $10.81 – $17.98 5.22
  • Popular Cities in Nevada