Step 1: Begin CNA Education in CT
Step 2: Classes: Duration and Fees
Step 3: Get the Certified Training
Step 4: Take the Connecticut CNA Examination
Step 5: Get CNA Certification
Step 6: Re-Certification

Step 1: Begin CNA Education in Connecticut

A Certified Nurse Assistant works alongside other healthcare professionals like Registered Nurses and Physicians. They have flexible working hours and a variety of options as to where they can work. CNA’s work in hospitals, private clinics, nursing homes and long-term care facilities. They can also work in home care or take on private clients. Before you can become a certified nursing assistant in the state, you must first enroll in CNA classes in Connecticut.

The salary for a CNA in Connecticut is above the national average at about $41,000 per year in some long-term care facilities, with the average across the state at about $35,000 according to Many employers like hospitals and nursing homes offer attractive health and dental packages as well as vacation and sick time to their employees.

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Step 2: Duration & Fees For CNA Programs

In order to become a CNA, you must take one of the state approved CNA training programs. In Connecticut, the programs classes are required to be a minimum of 100 hours. The programs classes must be conducted by a Registered Nurse who has at least one or two years of experience working in a long-term care facility. There are currently 155 different locations across the state that has been approved to provide CNA training programs, and you can find the listing of them here.

It is important that you contact the facility that is conducting the CNA training directly in order to get details on training classes and fee schedule, as it can vary from place to place. For instance, the American Red Cross offers a standard 100-hour program of which 76 hours are classes in actual classroom settings and 24 are clinical. There are 5 different locations with CNA Classes but the schedules vary for each. There is a 4-week day class as well as a 6-week evening class. The costs for the programs are $1250, which consists of tuition and supplies.

Financial assistance is available for those who need it so check with the long-term care facilities on the list to determine if they would be willing to sponsor you for the program in return for signing an agreement to work there. There is also the CT Works One Stop Center that can provide you with assistance like those funded by the Workforce Investment Act.

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Step 3: Get Certified Training in Connecticut

Before you are able to work with patients, you must complete 16 hours of CNA training, about communication and interpersonal skills, resident’s rights, encouraging resident independence, safety procedures, emergency procedures and disease prevention.

During your clinical placement, you will be trained on 25 skills and during your examination will have to pass 5 of those skills when tested.

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Step 4: Take The Connecticut CNA Examination

Less than two years from the time that you complete your state approved Certified Nursing Assistant training program, you must complete the examination that allows you to become certified. If you do not sit for the exam within the 24 months following your training, you will need to be re-trained, which means another 100 hours of instruction.

Examination is done through Prometric and it costs $108 to take the exam. You can apply to take the exam online here, and also take practice exams there as well. The practical exam is well worth the $10 price tag, as it provides a good guideline about what exactly is going to be expected from you when it comes time for the examination.

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Step 5: Get your Connecticut Certification

Once you have passed the exam, you are now considered certified and can be placed on the Connecticut Nurse Aide Registry. The examination administrator, Prometric, maintains this registry. The application for examination and subsequent certification can be found here.

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Step 6: Recertification

Every two years, you must fill out the State of Connecticut’s “Connecticut Nurse Aide Employment Verification Form”. This form indicates that you have met the requirement and have worked at least 8 hours as a CNA over the course of the last two years. The form can be faxed to the registry or mailed to the address at the bottom of the forms.

CNA’s are hardworking individuals who thrive in a fast-paced healthcare environment. If you’ve been considering a career in healthcare, join some CNA classes in Connecticut today!

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CNA Job and Salary Data for Connecticut Cities

Urban Area Employed CNA’s Hourly Mean Wage Salary Range 10% – 90%* CNA Employment Per 1,000 Jobs
Bridgeport – Stamford – Norwalk 5,060 $15.94 $12.57 – $20.15 12.14
Danbury 950 $15.27 $12.34 – $18.94 12.00
Danville 340 $14.56 $9.78 – $18.95 12.16
Hartford – West Hartford – East Hartford 7,530 $14.90 $11.05 – $19.24 13.03
New Haven 4,050 $16.09 $12.09 – $21.40 14.47
Waterbury 1,260 $14.70 $11.48 – $18.31 18.62
  • Popular Cities in Connecticut