Charting Your Course as a CNA in Garland, Texas (TX)

While it’s located within the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex, Garland is a burgeoning city in its own right. With a population edging toward 230,000 people, this is one of the largest cities in Texas and offers residents a host of benefits. One of those benefits is a blossoming medical industry, which means that earning your credentials through CNA classes in Garland and finding employment is simpler here than in some other areas of the country.

Where to Look for CNA Employment Information

In order to ensure that becoming a CNA is really the best course of action for you, it’s important that you have access to a broad range of information types. For instance, you’ll certainly want to know more about the various employers operating in Garland and the surrounding area. You’ll also want to find out what various employers are offering in terms of pay for different positions for which you’ll qualify. One place to find that information is through job listings for Dallas and the surrounding area (there is no Garland-specific page).

Other options available to you include checking out the services of various medical staffing companies and programs in town. Why should you work with a staffing agency? There are plenty of benefits, but one of the most pertinent at this point is the fact that many of them make job listings available online, allowing you to gather even more job information.

Available Medical Assistant Programs Options Accepting Students

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CNA Classes and Training  for Garland CNAs

One important factor to understand here is that while this is an entry-level position, becoming a certified nursing assistant in Texas does require that you undergo CNA training and education. The state doesn’t mandate much more than the federal minimum requirements, but you do still have to spend time in CNA classes prior to taking your exam (without proof of graduation from one of the CNA programs in Garland, you’re ineligible for the exam). The state requires you to undergo 75 hours of training, split between clinical work and classroom study.

After successfully completing one of the approved CNA programs, you’ll be able to take the exam (it’s usually given by the school after graduation, though there are other testing centers in the state). The exam is made of two components – a series of questions on paper and a skills demonstration and assessment portion. If you have already earned your credentials in another state, the exam can be challenged.

CNA Training Programs Available in and around Garland

Thankfully, when it comes to getting the training you need to become a CNA, there are quite a few choices available to you in Garland and the surrounding area. Since Garland is part of the Metroplex area, you can attend a school as far away as Dallas. Of course, you will need to make sure that any school you consider attending offers CNA programs that are approved and accredited by the state of Texas. Here are some of the more appealing options for CNA classes in Garland:

Where to Apply in Garland

Once you have taken your classes and passed the license exam and have your credentials, it’s time to become employed as a certified nursing assistant. A broad range of medical facilities, clinics, hospitals, and long-term care providers can be found, all of which need CNAs and other staff to provide medical care to patients. Baylor Surgicare at Garland is one firm that tends to hire regularly.

CNA Salary Information

Before deciding that becoming a CNA is the right career path for you, it’s important that you know what to expect in terms of pay. The median annual Certified Nursing Assistant salary in Dallas, TX is $31,900, as of August 6, 2020, with a range usually between $26,493$38,243 (

Skills You’ll Need as a CNA

In order to care for patients and function as part of a medical team, you’ll need many important skills, including:

  • The ability to function as part of a team
  • The ability to monitor vital signs
  • The ability to provide mouth care and catheter care

These are just some of the skills you’ll learn in your CNA classes.

  • CNA Training Centers
  • Street Address
  • Phone Number
Centric Nursing Institute 1301 Northwest Highway Suite 205 972- 272-5820
Evolution Healthcare Services INC (DBA) Inspire H 4133 Broadway Blvd. Suite 120 214- 556-7766
GarlandBah Career Training 2433 Goldfinch Ln 940- 665-5221
Healthcare Mall PO Box 452761 (916 N. Jupiter Rd) 469- 698-6844
Metromed Nursing Institute 4750 N. Jupiter Rd, Ste 211 469- 951-6255