CNA Salary Information

CNAs and other types of nurses are the single fastest growing career opportunity in the country. Working as a nurse provides excellent salaries, good benefits, a challenging work environment, and the opportunity to make a difference in thousands of lives within your community.

Here at, we have compiled a series of brief studies on CNA salary trends, future employment trends and opportunities, the impact of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act on future prospects, and a wealth of additional valuable information for those seeking to learn more about nursing. Please join our community and take advantage of our expertise, and see if nursing is the right career for you!

CNA Salaries, Prospects, & Trends

CNA Salaries, Future Employment Prospects, Nursing Shortages, and Trends

Our first article in an in-depth study of nursing from top to bottom. We delve in-depth into salary trends, demographic data, the impact of increasing health care costs and more to present you a complete look at the state of the nursing profession now, and for the next decade. We also address the looming nurse shortages and future trends.

CNA Salaries by State

CNA and Nurse Salaries by State

In this piece, we take a look at the hottest markets for health care job prospects, and identify those areas which have lots of jobs available, as well as those which are quickly adding new jobs. We also take a full look at salary treatments for all nursing professions across the country, including places where they pay significant premiums for qualified nurses, such as Alaska.

Entry Level Medical Salaries

Entry Level Medical Careers and Salaries

Here, we examine the field of nursing more broadly. Medical careers in general are booming, and this includes all types of actual nurses, such as RNs, LPNs, and CNAs. Administrative medical careers are hot as well, with medical billing and coding specialists able to command premium salaries, along with Health Care Administrators, Physician Assistants, Medical Assistants, and Health Information Specialists.

CNA Salary and Obamacare

Obamacare and CNA Salary Impact

Our final piece analyzes the impact the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act will have on CNA salaries in the short and mid-term future. We examine how trends in health care costs will likely cause nurses to continue stepping up the levels of direct care they actually provide to patients. This will ensure that both salary and employment trends will remain positive for those in this career for the foreseeable future.