It is pretty exciting for anyone pursuing a CNA license to hear that Texas is going to have more than seventy thousand openings in the coming years. In fact, if the Bureau of Labor Statistics is to be believed, that is likely to be even higher because the industry in general is going to expand by roughly 34% by 2020. This means that you are easily going to be able to become a certified nursing assistant once you complete your CNA classes in Austin, Texas.

Information about CNA Jobs in Austin

It all starts with performing a search to find the best jobs for your particular interests and skills. We would suggest that you rely on the different search engines created specifically for professional CNAs looking for employment. These CNA sites include

Starting at these job sites is going to show you the general job market in Austin right now, and is going to also identify the most likely of the larger employers. You can also rely on the classic employment websites like or if you want to just type in CNA in Austin to see what pops up.

If you would rather have a qualified professional handle the searching for you there are a few good nursing recruitment firms and staffing agencies too. They will already have work at different healthcare facilities available and can get you a job in a matter of days. They include:

Of course, we might be ahead of things here if you have not yet gotten your CNA training and licensing. Let’s take a look at that before we go any further with employers.

Details about CNA Classes and Licensing Requirements in Austin

Anyone hoping to get a job as a CNA in Austin will have to pass one of the state approved CNA programs in the area. There are hundreds of them spread throughout the state, and all of them have to be assessed and approved by the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services, or DADS.

The curriculum for CNA programs is brief, requiring only 75 hours of training divided between 51 hours of traditional CNA classes and 24 hours of clinical training. You will have to master 25 essential skills required for health aides, and demonstrate them on a competency exam. Before becoming certified you must submit to a criminal background check, and then you can begin working as a CNA in Austin. This license works for any area of Texas, but not outside of its borders.

Available Medical Assistant Programs Options Accepting Students

Get information on Medical Assistant programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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CNA Training Programs in Austin

There are many places to complete your CNA training in Austin. You can explore classes at the Red Cross or your community center, but programs from colleges and training centers are the best method. The following are among the most popular CNA programs for in Austin:

Information about Key Employers

With only 32 hospitals in the Austin and surrounding area, and a handful of nursing homes and skilled nursing establishments, there is still not going to be any difficulty in finding work as a CNA. Below is a recommended list of the top hospitals and medical facilities in Austin:

  • Seton Medical Center – ranked seventh best to work for in the country, it is also #1 in the city.

Obviously you can find many different types of work once you complete CNA classes in Austin. It is also very satisfying to know that the state is already indicating that the demand for CNAs is exceeding the supply, so you can even be picky about the work you choose! Remember that this is important when you have to select the most appropriate “area” of the industry according to your financial needs.

Salary Information

The job market always has varying ranges of pay, and nursing is no exception. As of August 6, 2020, the current median annual income for CNAs in Austin is $31,740, with a range of $26,372-$38,064 (

Key Skills Learned In CNA Training

CNAs in Austin dedicate only 75 hours to their training programs, which is not a lot. Still, they do have to learn a great deal in their CNA classes, including:

  • Basic Nursing Skills
  • Patient Rights
  • Safety
  • Communication
  • Medical and Anatomy Terminology
  • Observation
  • Ethics, and
  • Reporting

They also have to understand if their personality is a good fit. The Bureau of Labor Statistics points out that compassion, patience and good language skills are important for anyone who hopes to complete their classes and training to become a successful CNA in Austin.

  • CNA Training Centers
  • Street Address
  • Phone Number
Austin Community College- Eastview Campus 5930 Middle Fiskville Rd (ATTN: Health Professions Institute) 512- 841-9900
Austin Community College-Round Rock/Georgetown 5930 Middle Fiskville Rd ATTN: Health Professions Institute/Elizabeth Huss 512- 223-7371
AustinAkins High School 10701 South First (ATTN: Debra Johnson)
Buckner Education Center 11110 Tom Adams Dr. 512- 223-7271
Central Texas Nurse Network, Inc 313 E. Rundberg Ln, Ste. 208 512- 836-1515
Eastside Memorial High School 1012 Arthur Stiles Rd 512- 836-3442
Express Training Services, LLC-Lampasas 12636 Research Blvd, Ste B102 512- 501-2754
EZE Learning Center for Healthcare Professionals 9401 Research Blvd, #200 512- 501-2754
Mc Neil High School 5720 Mc Neil Drive (c/o Lynn Matthews) 512- 990-8518
Nurse Aide Training of Austin 5555 North Lamar, C-109 512- 464-6332
Regency Professional Academy 5301 West Duval, Ste-600 512- 343-8816
Rosy Health Care Services Inc 3724 Airport Blvd 512- 423-9712
Texas Covenant Education 7901 Cameron Rd. Bldg.-Ste. 100 512- 251-7555
The Learning Pad 10435 Burnet Road 512- 291-6203
Westminster Manor Nurse Aide Training Program 4100 Jackson Ave 512- 610-7600