Related Healthcare Careers

There are many entry level jobs in healthcare that you can choose from. One or more of these entry level jobs can fulfill your personal, financial and career goals. There is something for everyone in healthcare.

One consideration when choosing a career is your personal finances. How much can you afford to invest in the education and training you will need for a particular job? Some entry level careers can be free and without any cost whatsoever. Others are more costly. For example, you may be able to get free training as a home health aide with a home care agency in your local area. On the other hand, the training and education that you will need to become a nursing assistant, medical biller or medical coding specialist will cost money. Be aware of the fact, however, that you may be able to get financial aid and/or scholarships to reduce your expenses.

Now, you should also consider your flexibility in terms of work days and work hours. Do you have children? Are the children actively involved in after school activities such as soccer or dance lessons? Do you, as a single parent, want to be home over the weekends? If so, you may want to consider healthcare entry level jobs that can offer you regular and predictable work hours. You can expect regular and predictable work hours, from 9 to 5 on Monday through Friday, as a medical assistant, medical biller or medical coding specialist. And, you can most likely expect irregular hours and work days if you choose to enter the certified nursing assistant (CNA) career.

You should also consider your geographic area as you decide to enter the healthcare field. You should look at the classified ads and determine whether or not there are current openings in the job, or jobs, that you are considering. What are your economic goals? What jobs match these goals? It is highly likely that medical assisting pays a higher hourly salary than a CNA who works a flexible work schedule. Are there schools in your area that can provide you with the training necessary to become the healthcare worker that you are considering? Are there online classes that you can take so that you geographic community is not a barrier?

As you can see, there are several things that you should consider as you think about a healthcare career. But, regardless of your preferences, finances, work flexibility and geographic area, there is probably something just for you. This section of our website is dedicated to helping you determine the healthcare career that is the right good fit for you.