The medical and healthcare profession is part of an ever growing and expanding field. In the state of Ohio, there are many opportunities available for State Tested Nurse Aides (STNAs). STNAs provide a valuable role in which they work with the overall medical team providing a safe environment for patients, assist with assessing a patient’s overall health status and assist with activities of daily living including bathing, feeding and dressing. Multi-tasking is an essential quality of a STNA since their environment is often a fast paced and changing. Sound like a good fit? Then there are only a few steps necessary for you to being your career as a State Tested Nurse Aide! It starts with taking STNA classes in Ohio.

STNA Classes in Ohio

STNA programs in Ohio are found at various vocation schools, colleges, and adult education centers throughout the state of Ohio. These classes are conducted under the direct supervision of a registered nurse (RN) or a licensed practical nurse (LPN). Programs are generally offered on both weekdays and weekends and at varying times of the day, allowing you to pick one that best fits your schedule. Be sure to choose a state approved STNA program that indicates that it is certified by the Ohio Department of Health. You may find additional information on the Nurse Aide Training Competency Evaluation Program in Ohio as well as locations of nurse aide training classes.

During the STNA program you will learn the essential skills in order to perform your job as a State Tested Nurse Aide in Ohio. You will learn to master skills such as basic nursing care, patient personal hygiene, care skills, nutrition, and anatomy. Clinical experiences will allow you to practice hands on under the supervision of faculty nurses so that you can gain confidence in your new skills while working with patients.

The state of Ohio requires STNA programs to be 75 hours which is broken down as 16 classroom hours and 59 hours of a combination of in class and clinical experience. You can find detailed information on STNA classes in Ohio here. Most often it will take you approximately 10 weeks to complete a STNA training program. Upon successful completion of the training program, you will receive a Certificate of Completion.

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Nurse Aide Certification Examination

After you receive this Certificate of Completion, you will apply to take the Nurse Aide Training Competency (NATCEP) examination. This test includes both a written portion and practical applications/skills. Both sections are administered at a general test site and pre-registration is necessary for all testing. In most cases, any applicable fees for this examination will be paid by your Employer. You will have three chances to successfully pass the NATCEP exam. If you do not pass it within three tries, you will need to repeat the training program and test again in the future.

Nurse Aide Registry

Once you complete your CNA training in Ohio and have passed the examination, you will be added to the Ohio Nurse Aide Registry (NAR) as a State Tested Nurse Aide in Ohio. An Employer will not be able to hire you as an STNA unless you are on this list. The only exception to this rule is the “four month grace period” in which a long-term care facility can employ an individual not listed on the Registry for up to four months.

In order to maintain eligibility to work, a STNA must provide a minimum of 7.5 consecutive hours or 8 hours in a 48 hour period of nursing services during a 24 month period after he/she last met the requirements for being listed on the Registry. If you do not meet these minimum hours, you will need to be re-trained and re-tested to have your name put back on the list.

CNA Certification Renewal in Ohio

The license of a State Tested Nurse Aide is valid for two years. Your certification letter will indicate the date that your license expires and needs to be renewed. You should receive paperwork in the mail several weeks before the expiration date. Be sure that you keep your mailing address current so that you receive all the necessary paperwork with instructions on how to renew your license.

Find Employment as a Certified Nurse Aide

Once you have completed the proper training and testing, you are now ready to be a State Tested Nurse Aide. Best of luck as you begin your journey into the exciting and rewarding medical professional field!

STNA Job and Salary Data for Ohio Cities

Urban Area Employed STNA’s Hourly Mean Wage Salary Range 10% – 90%* STNA Employment Per 1,000 Jobs
Akron 3,780 $11.97 $9.57 – $14.94 11.64
Canton – Massillon 2,740 $11.89 $8.96 – $16.22 16.52
Cincinnati 12,790 $12.47 $9.84 – $16.22 12.45
Cleveland – Elyria 12,550 $12.33 $9.42 – $15.97 12.30
Columbus 9,550 $12.05 $9.62 – $15.04 9.52
Dayton 5,550 $12.79 $9.93 – $16.79 15.18
Lima 710 $12.09 $9.30 – $14.87 14.60
Mansfield 500 $10.89 $8.64 – $13.99 10.00
Springfield 900 $11.52 $9.72 – $14.29 18.71
Toledo 3,470 $11.92 $9.34 – $15.47 11.77
Steubenville – Weirton 900 $11.03 $8.64 – $14.19 21.64
Wheeling 690 $11.52 $9.09 – $14.53 10.87
Youngstown – Warren – Boardman 3,570 $11.71 $8.81 – $16.53 16.35