Anywhere that is warm on a year round basis tends to be of interest to those about to retire. This is why there is such a need for CNAs in Corpus Christi, TX. A popular location for retirees, businesses, and families, it is a city that is in need of lots of medical professionals, and with the growing national shortage of CNAs it means that this is an ideal time to enroll in CNA classes in Corpus Christi.

Finding Information about CNA Jobs in Corpus Christi

Don’t take our word for it, however, and do a bit of research yourself. You will see at places like Craigslist that there are a tremendous number of opportunities for certified nursing assistants in Corpus Christi just waiting to be taken. If you don’t want to take the time to do a job search on your own you can also get in touch with the top medical staffing services as well. They are able to point you towards the openings that are an ideal match to your professional goals.

CNA Classes and Licensing Requirements in Corpus Christi

Of course, you cannot get in touch with a potential employer without having the proper CNA training and credentials. In the state of Texas that means you need to have gone through one of the accredited CNA programs in Corpus Christi.

These CNA programs are approved by the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services and have at least 75 hours of training split between 51 hours of specific CNA classes and no less than 24 hours in a clinical setting. You will also need to pass a criminal background check and a basic physical before you are officially certified.

After passing the exam you become registered on the Texas Nursing Assistant Registry and can start seeking employment at any level.

Available Medical Assistant Programs Options Accepting Students

Get information on Medical Assistant programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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Key CNA Training Programs in Corpus Christi

As you might imagine, there are many approved CNA training programs in the state, but the most convenient located facilities offering CNA classes in Corpus Christi are:

Key Employers to Know

What will you do with your CNA training and certification? This can be a challenging question to answer and so we suggest you put in some time initially at a larger facility such as a hospital or medical center. Here you get experience and a good idea of precisely what you can now do as well as the type of certified nursing assistant you want to become. Some of those facilities in or near Corpus Christi include:

Salary Information

The median annual Certified Nursing Assistant salary in Corpus Christi, TX is $29,930, as of August 6, 2020, with a range usually between $24,867-$35,891 ( Because the job market and demand for CNAs in Texas is high, this will be reflected in the wages too. For example, the current median salary for CNAs in the area of Corpus Christi is almost $29k. This demonstrates how even an inexperienced CNA who has only recently been certified will make a very good income in the current market.

Key Skills Learned in CNA Training Programs

CNA training in the state of Texas is not necessarily based on federal guidelines, but you can anticipate learning the following skills in your classes and training:

  • Resident foul play or abuse recognition;
  • How to provide services to the supervising nurses and physicians at a medical facility;
  • Helping residents cope with impending death;
  • How to properly care for the patients, including everything from feeding and bathing, to moving them from bed to a chair, etc.;
  • Mentally ill patient communication;
  • CPR certification;
  • How to handle emergency situations;
  • How to properly and safely toilet patients;
  • Proper grooming procedures of incapacitated patients;
  • Sanitation procedures and infection control;
  • Using and implementing patient safety techniques, and
  • The basics of human anatomy and physiology.

The state guidelines may also allow CNA training programs to include classes about the dispensing of medications and working directly under the supervision of a doctor. The work can also include some basic housekeeping as some CNAs in Corpus Christi opt to take a substantially higher wage by working as a “live in” caregiver for a patient or long term client.

  • CNA Training Centers
  • Street Address
  • Phone Number
Corpus Christi Nursing-Rehabilitation Center 2735 Airline Rd 361- 882-2711
Corpus ChristiAlameda Oaks Nursing Center 1101 S. Alameda St. 915- 526-5806
Del Mar College 101 Baldwin Ave. 361- 992-0816
Kaplan College, Corpus Christi 1620 South Padre Island Dr, Ste 600 361- 698-1392
Moody High School 1818 Trojan Dr 361- 852-2900
Wooldridge Place Nursing Center 7352 Wooldridge Rd 361- 878-7340