These outstanding CNA instructors are at the forefront of training our nation’s future health care professionals. Endowed with a special combination of compassion and knowledge, they are uniquely fit for the job.

Jane Holzrichter Johnson County Community College Award Won: 5.0 rating on Rate My Professor website Awarded By: Professor Holzrichter's Students
Johnson County Community College Adjunct Professor Jane Holzrichter has accomplished a rare feat: this outstanding educator has received a perfect 5.0 rating from her students on the popular Rate My Professors website. Her students are emphatic in their praise: this is a teacher who truly supports and encourages them to reach their full potential. In a service-oriented profession such as nursing, Holzrichter’s work helps to set the bar for future health care professionals.
Suzanne Sevy Front Range Community College Award Won: Standout Contributor in the Industry Awarded By: CNA Classes
In addition to her work as a CNA instructor at Frontrange Community College, Suzanne Sevy serves as Program Director of Allied Health at the college’s Larimer County Campus. On top of being a registered nurse, this ambitious instructor has also attained her Bachelor of Science degree in nursing. Sevy is particularly interested in geriatric nursing and strives to imbue her students with a caring and compassionate outlook as they embark on careers in this important field.
Jamie Kamailani Boyd Windward Community College Award Won: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Community Health Leaders Award Awarded By: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Windward Community College Associate Professor Jamie Kamailani Boyd is one of the nation’s most inspirational CNA instructors. This 2011 recipient of the prestigious Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Community Health Leaders Award singlehandedly developed Windward’s Pathway out of Poverty program which seeks to help disadvantaged students, particularly native Hawaiians, climb the ladder from CNA to LPN and finally RN programs. Each year at Windward, Professor Boyd trains approximately 50 new CNA students, many of whom go on to pursue more advanced training.
Johanna Stiles Pikes Peak Community College Award Won: Standout Contributor in the Industry Awarded By: CNA Classes
Johanna Stiles, a CNA instructor at Pikes Peak Community College, works hard to motivate her students. A registered nurse with significant experience in the field, Stiles knows the importance of working closely with students to ensure that they are comfortable with both the practical and social aspects of working closely with patients.
Heather Brown Aims Community College Award Won: Standout Contributor in the Industry Awarded By: CNA Classes
Aims Community College’s Heather Brown is both an instructor and administrator, teaching in the CNA program as well as serving in the role of Nurse Aide Coordinator. As a registered nurse, Brown is familiar with the workings of the health care profession on multiple levels. Her students at Aims find her to be an incredible source of motivation and many go on to pursue becoming RNs after completing the certified nursing assistant program.
Vicky Deguia Harper College Award Won: 4.5 rating on Rate My Professor Website Awarded By: Ms. Deguia's Students
Harper College adjunct faculty member Vicky Deguia stands out as one of the most well-loved CNA instructors profiled on the famous Rate My Professors website. Deguia’s students praise her significant level of knowledge, her approachability, and her dedication to ensuring that each student understands the material. This stellar instructor is always open to providing one-on-one assistance to students who are struggling, and she continually works to motivate those she teaches to achieve their full potential.
Kathleen Ahern-Gray Oakton Community College Award Won: 2009 Nursing Excellence in Teaching Finalist Awarded By: Nursing Spectrum's Nursing Excellence Awards
Kathleen Ahern-Gray, Oakton Community College Professor and Chair of Basic Nurse Assistant Training, was one of Nursing Spectrum’s 2009 Nursing Excellence in Teaching finalists. Ahern-Gray holds the honored position of being one of the only community college instructors to have ever been nominated in this category. It isn’t surprising, though, that this stellar CNA professor was recognized in this way: she is an educator who constantly strives to grow in her profession, always looking for new ways to inspire, motivate, and support her CNA students.
Bernice Baxter Tidewater Community College Award Won: Standout Contributor in the Industry Awarded By: CNA Classes
Bernice Baxter, CNA instructor and Director of the Nurse Aide program at Tidewater Community College, loves to motivate and instruct her students with interesting stories and anecdotes from her own experience in the health care field. As a registered nurse, Baxter has a great deal of knowledge about the profession, and this outstanding instructor continually strives to keep her students both excited and inspired. At the same time, she is well-versed in the state exam requirements and knows exactly how to make sure her students are ready to pass with flying colors.
Vivencio"Junji"Navarro College of Southern Nevada Award Won: Outstanding Educator Award Awarded By: Nevada Nurses Association
Vivencio “Junji” Navarro, CNA Instructor at the College of Southern Nevada, has a rare combination of qualities: he is funny, personable, and adored by his community college students, while at the same time being an accomplished nursing scholar who is truly up for the task of training the next generation of health care professionals. This 2012 winner of the Nevada Nurses Association Outstanding Educator Award holds a master’s of science degree in nursing and is always looking for ways to improve as both an educator and a nurse.
Karin Cohick Mira Costa College Award Won: Standout Contributor in the Industry Awarded By: CNA Classes
When Mira Costa College CNA instructor Karin Cohick leads the clinical portion of the CNA program, her students are both touched and inspired by seeing firsthand the ways in which their teacher interacts with patients. Cohick is truly a natural in the field of health care; she is warm, comforting, nurturing, and kind. These same qualities also make her a gifted educator, one who is able to gently motivate and encourage each of her students so that no one feels lost or left behind. Cohick always makes time to ensure that everyone in the class has a good grasp on the material at hand before moving on to the next topic.