If you pay attention to population statistics you might already know that Florida is a state that receives a lot of new residents each year. This is one of the most desirable locations for retirement, but it is also a very busy state in terms of education and industry too. This is why Florida is such a hot spot for those who want to become certified nursing assistants through CNA classes in Tampa.

One part of the state is not likely to be far better than any other, but if you are looking for a region that is the perfect blend of all that Florida has to offer you will want to consider the Tampa area.

Finding Information about CNA Jobs in Tampa, Florida

Though the details above are great for those interested in relocating and working in the state, you still need to discover the best opportunities for your personal career goals. For instance, if you are hoping to work as a CNA in this area, you need to know that there are options in your particular area of interest. The best way to get a glimpse of the job market is to start with a general listing, such as that found in the Tampa Craigslist employment pages.

If you would rather just get right into a targeted area instead, you should work directly with medical staffing services as they will be able to point you towards the appropriate location. Some of the best services of this kind include:

Licensing and Education Requirements

Before getting in touch with any of these groups or websites, however, be sure you have the appropriate CNA training and credentials. The state of Florida uses a very common approach to training CNAs – they must enroll in a one of the approved CNA programs, pass the required CNA classes, take a mandatory state exam, and submit to an FBI fingerprint check.

Your CNA training in Tampa is going to require a federally mandated 120 hours of classroom and clinical studies. You will also have to become immunized and provide a police record before enrollment is allowed.

The state has contracted with the Pro Metric group to administrate the examination process, though some programs do also provide testing as well. Once your CNA classes are complete and the exam successfully completed, the CNA is put on the Florida Department of Health Nurse Aide Registry. They can then pursue any job offered to a CNA.

Available Medical Assistant Programs Options Accepting Students

Get information on Medical Assistant programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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Key Training Centers in Tampa

Obviously, it is essential to work with an approved program to get the CNA training required for full certification. Because this is a hot career in the Tampa area you will find many reliable venues. Some of the most popular venues for CNA classes in Tampa include:

Key Employers to Know

With complete CNA training and certification you can begin to look for the specific setting in which you hope to work. Though there are a large number of rehabilitation and long term nursing facilities, you may want to consider a large scale employer in order to begin getting wider experience. Some suggestions include:

Salary Information

CNA Salaries in Tampa, FL. How much does a CNA make in Tampa, FL? The average salary for a CNA is $30,750, with a range of $25,554-$36,863 (Salary.com).

Key Skills Learned in CNA Training

Because all CNA training in Tampa follows federal guidelines, your CNA classes will address the following skills:

  • CPR certification,
  • How to properly care for the patients, including everything from feeding and bathing, to moving them from bed to a chair, etc.,
  • How to provide services to the supervising nurses and physicians at a medical facility,
  • How to properly and safely toilet patients,
  • Using and implementing patient safety techniques, and
  • The basics of human anatomy and physiology.

The federal guidelines may also allow your CNA training to include the dispensing of medications and working directly under the supervision of a doctor. CNAs might also be asked to understand basic housekeeping since they may become a “live in” caregiver for a patient or long term client.

  • CNA Training Centers
  • Street Address
  • Phone Number
Aguilas International Medical Institute 2137 W. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd 813- 871-2407
Brewster Technical Center 2222 N. Tampa St 813- 276-5448 ext.371
Erwin Technical College-Pn 2010 E. Hillsborough Avenue 813- 231-1800
Hillsborough Community College 4001 W. Tampa Bay Blvd 813- 259-6010
Tampa Bay Tech (Tbt) Health Academy (Day 6410 Orient Road 813- 744-8360 ext.365
Wharton High School 20150 Bruce B. Downs 813- 631-4710