The entire state of Florida is a popular choice for those retiring, and this makes it easy to see that there will always be a growing need for medical personnel throughout the state. This is already being proven true by the ongoing demand for direct care personnel such as CNAs of all kinds. In fact, Cape, Coral has an anticipated need for almost 3600 new CNAs each year in the coming decade. This is great news for those along the western coast, and especially those interested in living or working Cape Coral, Florida, which is home to more than 150k residents. Of course, the first step is to register for CNA classes in Cape Coral.

Key Skills Learned In CNA Training

Don’t be scared away when you look at the listed skills that CNA training will involve and that need to be mastered during their training (as provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics). And though you will see a list of technical term and tasks, you should also know that you require the right temperament for the work. For example, you really will benefit from natural patience and compassion, as well as learning all of the following:

  • How to monitor and report patient vitals, fluid intakes and mental state
  • How to use equipment in the medical field
  • How to recognize abuse
  • How to prepare patient meals
  • How to handle infection control
  • How to write status reports
  • Effective communication tactics for peers and patients
  • How establish and promote independence among the residents
  • Proficiency in the medical language

Also, Cape Coral, Florida CNAs require CPR certification in addition to their training, testing, and licensing.

Popular CNA Training Programs In Cape Coral, FL

Where can you get all of these essential CNA training from? The state gives a full list of pre-approved programs at the Department of Health website. For those in the area, however, the following sites offer quality CNA classes in Cape Coral:

Available Medical Assistant Programs Options Accepting Students

Get information on Medical Assistant programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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Required CNA Classes And Licensing

What is actually done during the training programs? The state requires that all approved programs have at least 120 hours of training.  This has to be evenly divided between time spent in traditional classes in a classroom setting and time spent in “hands on” training. Before a student can participate in the clinical work, however, they must have current immunizations, a physical exam, and a criminal background check.

When the CNA classes and training are completed, and all of the appropriate documentation has been submitted, the student can then schedule the official Nurse Assessment Exam. This is always done at a Pro Metric site, though some programs do administrate “on site” too.

When the test is passed the student is then officially listed on the Florida Nurse Aide Registry and can begin their career as a Certified Nursing Assistant, home health aide, or nursing assistant.

Certified Nursing Assistant Wage Information

What will someone earn when they become a CNA? The median annual Certified Nursing Assistant salary in Fort Myers, FL is $30,010, as of August 18, 2020, with a range usually between $24,928-$35,990 (

Top Employers To Contact In Cape Coral, FL

It can be a bit challenging when it is time to start looking for work, especially without a lot of experience and fresh out of CNA programs. This is why so many choose to work for larger employers first, such as hospitals and clinics. In these settings, they get a good assortment of the many ways that they can put their training to use.  Those who are undecided about working on as a “live in” caregiver, a one to one basis, or in a large facility will want to consider such employers as:

Information About CNA Jobs In Cape Coral, Florida

Of course, the large-scale employers may not be the right choice for your career goals. This means you may want to conduct a different kind of job search. You can use the general online listings of sites that can be found through an Internet search engine, such as Google’s, or by getting touch with a nursing staffing agency. One reliable option is NurseCore of Ft. Myers.

Regardless of whether you want to work as a home health aide or a CNA, you can use the resources here for creating your dream career located in Cape Coral, FL

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