Interested in working in Hollywood? Well, the Florida city of Hollywood may not make you a celebrity, but you can find an immensely rewarding career as a CNA in this city of 150k. Not only is it popular with students and tourists, but it is also where many people choose to retire.This has created an ongoing demand for CNAs of all kinds, and even creates around 3600 new CNA jobs every year.  So, if you are a home health aide, certified nursing assistant, or hoping to become one, this is a good small city to explore. The first step is to consider CNA classes in Hollywood.

Essential Skills Learned in CNA Training

What do you have to learn to do in order to get a job as a CNA in Hollywood? You may be quite astonished at the volume of information you need to master during CNA training, and in your early days as a certified nursing assistant. A quick reading of the list below demonstrates that students must study a blend of technical and practical information, such as:

  • Lifting and moving techniques;
  • How to take vital signs;
  • Listening to and responding to common patient concerns, and how to communicate this to physicians and nurses;
  • Basic CPR;
  • Safety of the patient;
  • Encouragement of independence for the patients;
  • How to properly toilet and dress patients;
  • How to clean, bathe, feed, and generally care for patients in many settings.
  • Enforcing patients’ rights; and
  • Control of infection

Additionally, a CNA must have tremendous patience, compassion, and a good sense of humor!

Popular CNA Training Programs in Hollywood, FL

The state has a full list  of pre-approved programs for those hoping to work as a CNA available at the Department of Health website. If you already know that you want to study and start your career, consider these locations for CNA classes in Hollywood:

Available Medical Assistant Programs Options Accepting Students

Get information on Medical Assistant programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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Required CNA Classes and Licensing in Hollywood

It is imperative that all CNAs train in one of the fully accredited CNA programs in Hollywoood, otherwise they will be unable to be employed in any sort of CNA work. This means that finding one of these pre-approved programs is the first part of the process. These programs are distinguished by their use of 120 hours of CNA training, divided between traditional CNA classes  and practical or hands on training. Such programs also insist that before you can interact with patients, however, you have to have a criminal background check, proof of current immunization, and CPR certification. You are also required to pass the state exam.

When your studies are finished and the documentation required has been submitted, you can then schedule testing at one of the authorized “Pro Metric” testing sites. There you will complete the Florida Nurse Assessment exam, and when you pass this you become listed on the official state nurse aide registry and given permission to work as a CNA of any kind.

Salary Information

The median annual Nursing Assistant salary in Hollywood, FL is $31,340, as of August 18, 2020, with a range usually between $26,029-$37,587 (

Key Employers to Contact

One great way to get a good wage and lots of preliminary experience is to work in a hospital or clinic. These are great places for those who want higher initial salaries, or who are looking to experience the widest range of professional challenges. You can explore the different types of work available to you as a CNA when you provide services at such facilities as:

Details about CNA Jobs in Hollywood, FL

What if you prefer something much more specific? You can also easily find such work as one on one or care giving by searching through the available jobs in such handy sites as Craigslist for the Southern Florida area, or by submitting your information to the top nursing staffing firms. The following are very reliable options:

Whichever of the resources you choose from those above, you are going to have a long list of job openings because you have CNA training and licensing.