Located in the heart of Florida is the small city of Gainesville. With a population around 117k, it is not overly crowded and has a lot of appeal. Whether you study, live, or work in the city, it is likely that you will find a lot to like about it. In fact, this area is so likable that it is popular with tourists and retirees in addition to many others. This has created an increasing demand for CNAs of all kinds, and the state anticipates a need for roughly 3600 new certified nursing assistants every year in the coming decade. So, if you are thinking about a career as a home health aide, nursing assistant, or live in caregiver, this is a good time to consider CNA classes in Gainesville.

Skills Learned in CNA Training

What will you need to learn to do the job of the CNA? The volume of information you need to master during your training can seem overwhelming. A summary list below shows that students study a mixture of technical and practical details in CNA classes, such as:

  • Listening to and responding to common patient concerns, and how to communicate this to physicians and nurses;
  • Lifting and moving techniques;
  • Safety of the patient;
  • How to take vital signs;
  • Basic CPR;
  • How to properly toilet and dress patients;
  • Encouragement of independence for the patients;
  • How to clean, bathe, feed, and generally care for patients in many settings.
  • Enforcing patients’ rights; and
  • Control of infection

Additionally, a CNA should have a lot of natural patience, compassion, and even a good sense of humor!

CNA Training in Gainesville, FL

The state has a full list of pre-approved CNA programs for those hoping to become a CNA available at the Department of Health website. If you want to get your training as soon as possible, the following programs offer CNA classes in Gainesville:

Available Medical Assistant Programs Options Accepting Students

Get information on Medical Assistant programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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Required Education and Licensing

All CNAs must train in an accredited CNA training program that has received state approval. These programs all use a minimum of 120 hours of course work that is divided between traditional claCNA classes and practical or hands on training.

Before enrolling and working with patients, however, the student has to submit to a criminal background check, proof of current immunization, and obtain CPR certification. They are also required to pass the state exam.

Testing for any CNA who has passed their training is done at one of the authorized “Pro Metric” testing sites. There the student will take the Florida Nurse Assessment exam, and when they pass it they are listed on the official state nurse aide registry and given permission to work as a certified nursing assistant of any kind.

Salary Information

CNAs in the Gainesville area earn around 23% less than the national average, but this is due to the lower cost of living and not a sign of unfair wages. The median annual Certified Nursing Assistant salary in Gainesville, FL is $26,029, as of August 18, 2020, with a range usually between $25,543-$37,587 (Salary.com).

Key Employers to Contact

One of the simplest ways to enhance skills and experience while earning a very good salary is to start your career as a CNA in a hospital or clinic. Such places also help a new CNA to really clarify the types of work you enjoy the most. Consider the following larger facilities as good choices for those in Gainesville:

Details about CNA Jobs in Gainesville, FL

You can also easily start to look for the type of CNA work that you would prefer by using two very handy resources. The first is the internet and the use of sites like Craigslist for the Northern Florida, or by providing your information to the top staffing firms. The following are very reliable options:

Whether you are about to start CNA training in Gainesville or are in search of a job as a CNA, the resources you above will be very useful. You are going to have a long list of job options when you have CNA licensing, and the pool of jobs is going to just keep getting bigger.

  • CNA Training Centers
  • Street Address
  • Phone Number
Academy of Health Professions 1900 NW 13Th Street 352- 955-6707 ext.277
Express Training Services, Llc-Gainesvil 3911 Newberry Rd, Suite B 352- 338-1193
Gainesville Job Corps 5301 NE 40th Terrace 352- 377-2555 ext.404
Gatorland Health Care Services 5200 W Newberry Road, Suite D8 352- 339-6127
Santa Fe College 3000 NW 83 Street 352- 395-5731 ext.5730