Located on the east coast of Florida, Palm Bay offers the beaches of the Atlantic Ocean and the iconic Florida sunshine. Palm Bay is north of Miami and south of Daytona Beach. It is a part of the Palm Bay-Melbourne metro area. The city is known for several different industries, including healthcare, making it an ideal location when you wish to pursue your certified nursing assistant career by taking CNA classes in Palm Bay. The major hiring force for medical jobs in Palm Bay is the Palm Bay Hospital.

Understanding Palm Bay Job Options

If you have not yet started research on your job options, it is a good idea to do so now, before you start any CNA classes in Palm Bay. You can take a look at jobs in the medical industry, and CNA jobs specifically by visiting Indeed.com. While this page includes jobs for many different areas, Palm Bay is included. You can learn a great deal from Indeed.com, including how many certified nursing assistant jobs are available at any given time, how much employers are paying, and what employers are hiring.

Another ideal source of information would be Palm Bay staffing services. These companies have a plethora of job options for the area. Additionally, the companies will be able to help you find a job once you finish your CNA classes in Palm Bay. You could choose from several staffing agencies, such as:

Attaining your CNA Training in Palm Bay

The Florida Department of Health is in charge of rules, regulations, and CNA registration. You must choose from CNA programs in Palm Bay that are approved by this department. Additionally, the program that you choose needs to be accredited. Generally, you will be able to complete your CNA training in Palm Bay in approximately eight to 12 weeks. You will need to take 50 hours of class room work for your training as well as 100 hours of clinical work under the supervision of a registered nurse. Florida requires certain skills be covered through the classes in a CNA program.

The exam that you must take in order to get your certified nursing assistant license is slightly longer than the exams of most states. While most exams include 60 questions, the Florida exam includes 75 multiple choice questions as well as the skills test. In order to receive a passing grade and get your license, you must score over 80% on the test overall.

Available Medical Assistant Programs Options Accepting Students

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Skills Required for Palm Bay CNAs

As mentioned, as a certified nursing assistant in Palm Bay, you must take classes that cover specific skills you will need during your job as a CNA. These skills are listed below:

  • Life saving procedures
  • Emergency preparedness
  • Patient hygiene
  • Patient communication
  • Working with mentally challenged patients

If you want to ensure that you get the proper training on these skills, you need to choose from top quality CNA programs in Palm Bay.

CNA Classes in Palm Bay

There are many different training programs, including online CNA classes. As mentioned, you need to choose from accredited programs and those approved by the state. Some of the choices you have for CNA classes in Palm Bay include:

CNA Jobs and Employers in Palm Bay

After you have completed your CNA classes in Palm Bay, you will need to choose the right place to work. Because of Palm Bay’s location, you have many different choices. Some of these choices for you to consider include:

Salary Information for Florida CNA

When you become a certified nursing assistant in Palm Bay, there are a few factors that will affect your expected salary. The median annual Certified Nursing Assistant salary in Palm Bay, FL is $29,360, as of August 18, 2020, with a range usually between $24,393-$35,206 (Salary.com).

  • CNA Training Centers
  • Street Address
  • Phone Number
Carleen Home Health School, Inc.- Palm B 5275 NE Babcock Street, Suite 3 954- 446-4141
Eastern Florida State College- Bayside H 1901 Degroodt Road SW 321--956-5000