Virginia Beach is known for rest, relaxation and beachside enjoyment. However, it’s also a great place to start a medical career. One position that’s frequently in demand by area medical centers and hospitals is that of CNA – this entry-level job can offer real benefits, including a good salary and the opportunity to move up to higher level nursing positions, including becoming an RN or LPN. The first step is to enroll in CNA classes in Virginia Beach.

Finding Information about Jobs in Virginia Beach

Locating information about CNA jobs in Virginia Beach can be difficult to do, particularly if you’re just starting to feel out your options here. One of the better choices is to check out Craigslist’s online job ads. While Virginia Beach doesn’t have its own page, there are pages for the surrounding area, including greater Hampton Roads and Norfolk. The real benefit to checking out the job postings here is that they can give you a great deal of job-related information, including potential salary from specific employers, the frequency with which jobs are posted by specific area employers and much more.

Don’t limit yourself to just online job ads, though. There are other sources of information to help you learn more about CNA jobs in Virginia Beach, including medical staffing agencies. In fact, these can be invaluable tools once you have your education and license, and can help you get out and into the workforce faster. Some of the staffing agencies to consider include:

CNA Classes and Licensing in Virginia Beach

All US states have the ability to set their own requirements for CNAs and other medical professionals, so long as those requirements meet or exceed guidelines set by the federal government. Virginia Beach requires more rigorous education than what is mandated by the federal government. You’ll need to complete a full 120-hour course, with 80 of those hours devoted to specific CNA classes and 40 hours spent in clinic work. Most classes last about 8 weeks, but this will depend on your schedule (many courses offer flexibility to accommodate your needs).

If you do not pass the test on your first try, you will be able to retry. After three attempts, though, you will have to reenroll in your CNA classes before taking the test again. Once you have passed the exam, you will gain your license and become eligible to register with the state. Those with felony convictions involving violent crimes or neglect will not be able to enter this field, though. The state requires a full background check before you can take the test as well.

Available Medical Assistant Programs Options Accepting Students

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Key CNA Training Centers in the Virginia Beach

While there are abundant training centers in the area surrounding Virginia Beach, there are also some located in the city itself. You’ll find that these can provide you with easy access to quality education and training, and that they are approved by the state so there is no worry that you won’t qualify to take the licensing exam after graduation. Consider the following education providers when looking for CNA classes in Virginia Beach:

  • Tidewater Community College – The most heavily used training provider for CNAs and other medical professionals in the city, Tidewater offers a full training course for aspiring CNAs. As a note, the course does require additional materials that are not included in the cost of tuition.
  • Abbot Education Center – (5441 Virginia Beach Boulevard, Suite 107)

Key Employers for CNAs in Virginia Beach

Once you have completed your CNA training and passed the state’s certification exam, you will be able to enter the industry as a full certified nursing assistant. You can use the staffing agencies listed above to begin your search for employment, or you can apply with some of the key employers in Virginia Beach directly. The following employers regularly need CNAs and other trained medical professionals:

Salary Information

The median annual Certified Nursing Assistant salary in Virginia Beach, VA is $30,860, as of August 18, 2020, with a range usually between $25,625-$36,993 (

Key Skills Learned in Training

You will learn a range of important skills during your CNA classes, all of which will help you provide quality patient care. Some of these skills include:

  • Bathing and grooming of patients
  • Basic medical device use
  • How to read monitoring equipment and record results
  • How to assist patients with mental health conditions
  • CNA Training Centers
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Abbott Education Center, Inc. 5441 Virginia Beach Boulevard, Suite 107 757- 502-3857
Tidewater Community College 1700 College Crescent 757- 822-7255