Historic, popular, and near to an amazing number of fascinating destinations, the city of Richmond, VA is a great place to work and to live. The population of around 205k means it is a “small city” and this makes things even nicer for those who live there. Like many places in the country, however, it is a place with a high demand for CNAs, and this means that you may want to consider training to become a certified nursing assistant via CNA classes in Richmond.

Primary Skills Learned in Richmond CNA Training Programs

What would work as a certified nursing assistant in Richmond involve? When you begin to study the list of skills and tasks most CNAs will need to handle (as identified by the Bureau of Labor Statistics), you see a list of technical items and practical skills. You will also need the right temperament for the work, including patience and compassion as well as knowing the following:

  • How to write status reports,
  • How to handle infection control,
  • How to recognize abuse,
  • Effective communication tactics for peers and patients,
  • How to use equipment in their medical field,
  • How to monitor and report patient vitals, fluid intakes and mental state
  • How to prepare patient meals,
  • How to establish and promote independence among the residents, and
  • Proficiency in the medical language.

Also, all CNAs should get CPR training and certification in addition to their formal CNA training and licensing.

Popular CNA Training Programs in Richmond, Virginia

Before you can begin working as a CNA in any capacity, however, you have to have the right training and licensing. Though the Virginia Board of Nursing has a full list available at their website, the following CNA programs are located right in Richmond:

Available Medical Assistant Programs Options Accepting Students

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CNA Classes and Licensing in Richmond

What happens during your time in one of these CNA training programs? You will master that list of skills provided above, but you will also learn a great deal more in your CNA classes. You are going to have to commit to 120 hours of training that will be divided between classes and practical work. Most students see around 75 hours of specific CNA classes and the remaining time spent in “hands on” training.

Before you can enroll in any of the CNA programs in Richmond, you must have a high school diploma or GED, get a full medical exam (including drug screening), and have a criminal background check. Once these are done and you have completed all of the classes and training you are allowed to take the Virginia CNA Exam. These are administered by Pearson Vue and require additional fees.

Wage Information

After you are licensed and placed on the state registry you can begin seeking employment. You should be prepared to see variations in the amounts paid to CNAs because not all jobs are the same. The median annual Certified Nursing Assistant salary in Richmond, VA is $32,350, as of August 18, 2020, with a range usually between $26,867-$38,788 (Salary.com).

Best CNA Employers to Contact in Richmond

To determine precisely what sort of CNA  you want to become can be a bit of a challenge. This is why so many CNAs begin in larger settings like hospitals, nursing homes, and clinics. This lets them experience many kinds of work and at a good rate of pay. In Richmond, the following locations are great options:

Details about CNA Jobs in Richmond, VA

There is also a lot of sense in just diving right into your chosen career as a certified nursing assistant in Richmond. Many people find it easier to take a look at all of the jobs available on a resource like Craigslist and to choose from those listings. Some also consider that a staffing service is more appropriate to their goals. Below are some of the most effective options for CNAs in Richmond:

Whether you want to become a live in caregiver, a nursing assistant, or a home health aide, there are plenty of opportunities for you once you take your CNA classes in Richmond. The key is to ensure you have the CNA classes, training and licensing, and that you are on the state registry.

  • CNA Training Centers
  • Street Address
  • Phone Number
Accuhealth Educational Systems 6966 Forest Hill Avenue, Suite B 804- 323-6900
American Red Cross 420 East Cary Street 804- 3432793
Asher Comprehensive Training Program 305 Plazaview Road 804- 233-9494
J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College P.O. Box 85622 804- 523-5476
MG School of Healthcare Professions 1506 Staples Mill Road, Suite 101 804- 308-3588
Professional Career Institute 9200 Arboretum Parkway, Suite 100 804- 327-9740
Richmond Public Schools 119 West Leigh Street 804- 7804388
Richmond Technical Center 2020 Westbrook Avenue 804- 780-6237