What You Need to Know to Become a CNA in Chesapeake, Virginia (VA)

Chesapeake, Virginia, is anything but a small town. The population has grown considerably in recent years, and that growth has spread throughout the various industries in town. One area that has seen significant growth is healthcare, and if you’re considering a career as a CNA, now’s the best time to enroll in CNA classes in Chesapeake.

Chesapeake CNA Job Information – Plotting Your Course

Finding information about the healthcare industry in Chesapeake should be your first move, whether you plan to become a CNA, RN or something else. You’ll find that information is available through a variety of sources, but Craigslist is an excellent place to get a high level overview of the entire industry. On this one site, you can find information about employers, salaries, required classes and training, certification, job duties, and more. In addition, because the site is updated daily, you’ll be able to keep tabs on changes in the industry very easily. The page is actually for Norfolk, but covers a wide area outside the city.

Beyond Craigslist, you have other solutions, a bit closer to home. You can contact a variety of medical staffing companies in Chesapeake that can help you understand the industry a bit better, and they can even give you a hand finding employment after you’ve graduated from your CNA training program and earned your license. One of the options available to you is BrightStar Staffing.

Available Medical Assistant Programs Options Accepting Students

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CNA Classes and Licensing Requirements in Chesapeake

Virginia sets its own requirements in terms of medical training and education for CNA programs. Aspiring professionals will have to undergo a full 120 hours of training to earn the right to take the state’s licensing exam. 80 hours of that time are devoted to specific CNA classes, and the remaining 40 are given over to clinical experience. Make sure that the course you attend is accredited and provided by a state-approved educator.

The test itself is a two-part system. First, you’ll have to complete a series of questions (multiple-choice; don’t worry, there are no essay questions). Once you’ve completed the paper portion, you’ll move on to the skills assessment portion of the test. Here, you’ll have to demonstrate several skills (up to five) for the instructor.

After passing the exam, you will have earned your license. You can now register as a CNA with the state and begin searching for employment. As a note, some educators provide job assistance after successful graduation and licensing, but this is not true across the board.

Where to Seek CNA Training Programs in Chesapeake

Given the importance of getting the right education, your choice of school is vital. You’ll find quite a wide range of CNA programs in town and in the surrounding area, but they’re not all worth your time. For instance, the training program needs to be accredited and approved by the state, or you’ll be ineligible to sit for the exam and become licensed.

Most Important Skills Learned in Chesapeake CNA Programs

During your CNA training and classes, you’ll learn a wide range of skills vital to performing your duties correctly. Some of the most important of those skills will be:

  • Administering dressings and bandages
  • Assisting with oxygen
  • CPR
  • Applying pulse oximetry
  • Collecting specimen samples (urine, sputum, feces)
  • Patient care, bathing and grooming techniques
  • Physical assistance for mobility impaired patients

CNA Employers You Must Know in Chesapeake

In addition to knowing where you’ll attend CNA classes, you should also have a good idea of what employers you’ll find in the city. Chesapeake is home to a number of medical clinics and hospitals, and the following options can all offer employment:

Salary Information for CNAs

CNAs in Chesapeake stand to earn a competitive salary, though it’s somewhat lower than the national average (and considerably lower than cities like Chula Vista, CA, which is higher than the national average). The median annual Certified Nursing Assistant salary in Chesapeake, VA is $30,350, as of August 18, 2020, with a range usually between $25,211-$36,387 (Salary.com).

  • CNA Training Centers
  • Street Address
  • Phone Number
Chesapeake Center for Science and Technology 1617 Cedar Road 757- 547-0134
Chesapeake Center for Science and Technology 369 South Battlefield Boulevard 757- 482-5680
Dailey’s Health Care, Inc. 2200 Dunbarton Drive, Suite G 757- 523-5207
Sentara College of Health Sciences 1441 Crossways Boulevard 757- 388-3832