CNA Classes and CNA Training Programs in Portsmouth, Virginia

Situated on the other side of the Elizabeth River from Norfolk, Portsmouth, Virginia is a historic city with numerous attractions that appeal to tourists. Portsmouth is not just a historic city, though, and numerous modern industries have found homes in the Virginia town. This includes a growing healthcare industry as people who reside in Portsmouth and Norfolk find employment there. Since you are interested in becoming a certified nursing assistant, your interest will lie in the available jobs in the medical field as well as the availability of CNA classes in Portsmouth.

The Portsmouth Job Market

Finding out more about available medical personnel jobs in Portsmouth is quite simple. The best place to start is A quick search of this page will show you jobs available in the area.  These days, top employers choose to advertise their jobs on this online classifieds site.

Staffing agencies can be quite helpful as well. These agencies spend a great deal of time gathering information about the job market. They can help you learn more about what jobs will be available when you become a certified nursing assistant. After you have completed all qualifications, the agencies can help you find a job. Here are a couple of the top staffing agencies in Portsmouth:

Available Medical Assistant Programs Options Accepting Students

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Obtaining Training in Portsmouth

There are two main steps to becoming a CNA in Portsmouth: education and a licensing exam. The state of Virginia requires a total of 120 hours spent in training, but that is not all class work. You will need to spend roughly 60 hours on CNA classes in Portsmouth. The other 60 hours will be in the form of clinicals, which are hands-on training in a healthcare environment.

When you complete your CNA training in Portsmouth, you will need to take the state licensing exam. Supervised by the state, this exam is designed to test your book knowledge as well as your skills. The exam includes a section of about 60 multiple choice questions as well as a skills assessment section in which you will need to show that you have learned certain important certified nursing assistant skills.

Virginia requires that you pass the exam in three tries. Should you not pass on the third try, you will need to retake CNA training in Portsmouth before you can try again. Every two years, you will need to renew your license. In Virginia, to renew, you will need to show that you worked at least a total of eight hours per year.

The Best CNA Classes in Portsmouth

In order to be eligible for a CNA license in Virginia, you must only choose from accredited CNA programs in Portsmouth. Whether those programs are online CNA classes or classes at a school, if they are not accredited and state approved, the work will not be accepted.  These are top options to consider for your CNA classes in Portsmouth:

Top Certified Nursing Assistant Skills to Learn

There is a difference between becoming a CNA and becoming a top quality CNA. If you would like to ensure you are top quality, then there are certain skills you need to know thoroughly. The right CNA training in Portsmouth will ensure that you learn the following skills:

  • How to clean, care for, and bathe patients
  • How to move incapacitated patients
  • How to react in emergencies
  • How to avoid the spread of disease

Top CNA Employers in Portsmouth

When you finish your CNA training in Portsmouth, you will likely be ready to find a job. There are many different employers in Portsmouth and the surrounding area. You can choose to work in Portsmouth or even Norfolk. Some of those top employers include the following:

Average CNA Salary in Portsmouth

The median annual Certified Nursing Assistant salary in Portsmouth, VA is $30,390, as of August 18, 2020, with a range usually between $25,251-$36,446 (

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