Close to Malibu and Oxnard, and just a short drive to Los Angeles is the small city of Thousand Oaks. With a population of less than 135k, it is a great place that is popular with students and families, and is one in which you can easily find plenty of work as a CNA. For those looking for training to become a certified nursing assistant, taking CNA classes in Thousand Oaks may be the smart choice.

Thousand Oaks CNA Classes and Licensing Requirements

If you do not already know, the state of California is expecting a growing demand for CNAs, and anticipates that almost four thousand new CNAs will be needed each year, and on an ongoing basis throughout the next decade. This means your CNA training and credentials will really pay off immediately.

To get the training, however, means that you follow the state guidelines. It begins with the use of  one of the many state approved CNA programs in Thousand Oaks. This uses a 150 hour session of training (fifty hours of CNA classes and at least 100 hours of clinical work). You have to pass a physical exam, a criminal background check, and obtain your CPR certification before (or show evidence of certification) before you are invited to take the mandatory exam.

When you pass the state exam you become added to the California Nurse Aide Registry and can seek employment as a CNA of any kind.

Key CNA Programs in Thousand Oaks

If you are considering becoming a CNA in CA, it important to work with the list of pre-approved facilities in Ventura County. This list is available from the California Department of Health (which is the agency in charge of approving programs). If you are hoping to get your training in the region, you can use the following sites as reliable resources for CNA classes in Thousand Oaks:

Available Medical Assistant Programs Options Accepting Students

Get information on Medical Assistant programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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Key Skills Learned in CNA Training

Most CNA students are a bit surprised at the amount of information they need to learn in their programs. As you can see from the list below, it is a perfect mixture of practical and technical material, and includes:

  • How to take vital signs;
  • Safety of the patient;
  • Basic CPR;
  • Encouragement of independence for the patients;
  • How to properly toilet and dress their patients;
  • Listening to and responding to common patient concerns, and how to communicate this to physicians and nurses;
  • Lifting and moving techniques;
  • How to clean, bathe, feed, and generally care for patients in many settings.
  • Enforcing patients’ rights; and
  • Control of infection

Additionally, a CNA should has to be patient, compassionate, and have a good sense of humor!

Salary Information

What are the wages for a CNA in Thousand Oaks? The median annual Certified Nursing Assistant salary in Thousand Oaks, CA is $35,060, as of August 17, 2020, with a range usually between $29,138-$42,052 (

Information about CNA Jobs in Thousand Oaks, CA

How do you go find the many CNA jobs in this city or county? We recommend a few different approaches. The best way to get started is to conduct a general search through the listings in the Craigslist website. This will show you what a licensed CNA might do for work in the area, but such a search can also let you get a good idea of the available wages.

If you are already certain about the type of work you see yourself doing, you can begin working with nursing staffing services that specialize in filling empty CNA positions. The most common firms used in the city include:

These are very strong resources for someone hoping to work as a certified nursing assistant in almost any setting, whether in a private home or a massive hospital.

Key Employers to Know

You may want to get in touch with the largest employers in the city and county too – the many clinics, hospitals, and medical centers. Those nearest to and most convenient for someone living in Thousand Oaks would include:

It doesn’t matter what precise tasks you hope to do, as a CNA in Thousand Oaks, California because it is likely that you will have many job choices. Using the resources above will ensure you get the best results possible.