Take a look at work related statistics from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and you will see a very promising bit of news: their data relating to nursing aides and healthcare support occupation jobs indicate that over the course of the next ten years the entire market will increase by 20% to 34%. What this translates to is that it is going to get easier and easier to find a good job upon completion of CNA classes in San Jose.

Information about CNA Jobs in San Jose

Yes, we did say “some sort of” because there is more than one way you can work as a CNA. This means that you want to begin with a CNA specific job search on the Internet. Use a site like CNA.Jobs-to-Careers.com, and specify that you need only listings in San Jose.

What you will find at these sites are listings that show you the current status of the job market for CNAs in San Jose. You might want to also widen the search to include less “official” sites, such as Monster.com, SimplyHired.com, and Indeed.com

Many certified nursing assistants also align themselves with staffing agencies. These are groups that screen you and then give you ongoing employment in one facility or more. They include:

Remember that you will have to go through a screening process with the agency and demonstrate that you have all of the proper CNA training, clearances, and licensing to work as a certified nursing assistant in San Jose.

Details about Licensing and Education Requirements for CNAs in San Jose

Working as a CNA in San Jose is the same as working as a CNA in any other state, but California does have some stronger demands for licensing than some other areas. Luckily, the job itself remains just as appealing and will allow you to bathe, dress, feed, groom, and move patients under the direction of a nursing staff, while providing a few other daily services too. Any of these duties demand, however, that you are acknowledged by the Department of Health Services or the DHS.

To become licensed and appear on the DHS registry, you must pass one of the DHS approved CNA programs from an accredited institution. You need the mandatory criminal background check along with a series of health screenings. You must pass at least 150 hours of CNA classes and clinical training, and you must successfully complete the Competency Exam. After this, you are placed on the DHS Nurse Aide Registry.

Does this licensing work in other states or cities? You can work anywhere in California with this, but if you wish to take the California certification outside of the state, you would then be required to pass the appropriate exams for that region, etc.

Available Medical Assistant Programs Options Accepting Students

Get information on Medical Assistant programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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CNA Training in San Jose

While many cities have a few dozen locations and programs for CNA classes, San Jose has many more. For example, in addition to traditional career institutions, colleges, and professional schools, there are adult training schools, community centers, and even some health care facilities. The Red Cross also administers testing to help students with affordability issues.

The following locations are among the most frequently chosen for CNA training:

  • Westmed College – a preferred allied health college and career center.
  • TLS Education Center – offers online and in classroom training.
  • American Career College – a career focused college with an allied health program

Also, pay a visit the California Department of Education website to find out about all of the approved San Jose CNA Programs.

Information about Key Employers

With 12 hospitals in the San Jose and the surrounding area, plus dozens of skilled nursing facilities and quality nursing homes in the region, it is a very simple matter to find many good employment opportunities as a CNA.

Below are the preferred and best hospitals in San Jose and the area:

Another encouraging fact relating to employment as a CNA in San Jose comes from the Employment Development Department in California. They announced that the growth rate for CNAs will stand around 21.7 % over the course of the next decade as “baby boomers” age. To put it plainly: it means you will find more than enough work as a certified nursing assistant, but you need to choose the right area of the industry if your rate of pay is significant to you.

Salary information

The nursing industry has a lot of different rates of compensations, and the median annual Certified Nursing Assistant salary in San Jose, CA is $40,500, as of August 17, 2020, with a range usually between $33,641-$48,562 (Salary.com).

Key Skills Learned In San Jose CNA Training

CNAs in San Jose have spent less than 200 hours in CNA classes to become a CNA, but they will know about:

  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Basic Nursing Skills
  • Basic Restorative Services
  • Care of Cognitively Impaired Residents
  • Mental health and Social Service Needs
  • Personal Care Skills
  • Resident’s Rights
  • Supervised Clinical Training with Nursing Home Residents

The Bureau of Labor Statistics also indicates that in addition to CNA classes in San Jose, you will want to be sure you are compassionate, patient and have good language skills if you are to succeed as a CNA.

  • CNA Training Centers
  • Street Address
  • Phone Number
Bay Area College of Nursing 702 East Santa Clara St 408- 280-6888
Evergreen Valley College 3095 Yerba Buena Rd 408- 270-6448
South Bay School of Nursing 1580 Oakland Rd, Suite - C-106 408- 564-7242