Though the national job market is tough, you can easily find work as a certified nursing assistant or as a home health aide in Orange, CA. Whether you choose a hospital, clinic or private setting, you need only enroll in one of the officially approved CNA programs in the state of California, pass the test, and start looking for a job.You really should view this work as some of the most promising of all career options because the state anticipates the need for roughly 3900 new CNAs each year for the next decade!One region in which there is a lot of opportunity is Orange County, and the city of Orange itself is an ideal spot to consider. Located between Anaheim and Santa Ana, this city of 137k is a safe, comfortable, and convenient place to live and work. The first step is to enroll in CNA classes in Orange.

Information about CNA Jobs in Orange

Naturally, you have to know or discover the type of CNA you want to become. If you are unfamiliar with the long list of tasks that the CNA will perform, you should begin learning about the industry by looking at the job listings in a very general manner. We suggest the use of the county Craigslist pages to see the many jobs available.

If you already have a good idea of the tasks you are hoping to do each day you can contact one of the reliable nursing and staffing services to discuss the current job offerings  in Orange as well. Some resources for this information include:

CNA Classes and Licensing in Orange

It is important to remember, however, that you cannot just look for a job as a CNA without the training and licensing required. Throughout the state of California the requirements are the same, and all CNAs must first complete one of the pre-approved CNA program in the area, pass the mandatory exam, and become listed on the state registry before being hired.

All of the programs are approved by the California Department of Public Health’s Aides and Technician Certification section. This group makes a list of CNA training programs available on their site, and also provides details about the steps needed to complete the training process.  Students will commit to 150 hours of study (50 of CNA classes and 100 clinical training) and then make arrangements to take the state approved exam.

Once the exam is completed, the CNA becomes listed on the state Nurse Aide Registry. They must also pass a physical exam, a criminal background check, and have CPR certification before licensing is issued.

Available Medical Assistant Programs Options Accepting Students

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Approved CNA Training Programs in Orange

For those in the Orange area there are many pre-approved facilities offering the necessary training programs. Some are in the city, and others are in neighboring towns. The sites offering CNA classes in Orange include:

Key Employers to Know

Once the CNA training and licensing is done, it can still be a bit of a puzzle to know where to start working. For instance, do you want to work with a single client or do you want to become an assistant to a nurse with many patients? The best way to determine the right spot for you is to start your career working in a very large and general setting, such as a clinic or hospital.

In the Orange area, the top employers of this kind include:

Salary Information

What will you earn as you begin working as a home health aide, CNA, or nursing assistant? This is a figure that changes according to your preferred setting, and the by the type of work you want to do. Most CNAs will tend to earn around three to five percent more than the national average starting salary. The median annual Certified Nursing Assistant salary in Orange, CA is $35,990, as of August 17, 2020, with a range usually between $29,896-$43,135 (

Essential Skills Learned in CNA Training Programs

What is learned during your weeks of CNA classes and clinical work? The following skills are most commonly required, according to the state guidelines for CNA programs:

  • Preparing patient meals,
  • Drafting status reports,
  • Infection control,
  • Using equipment in the medical field,
  • Establishing and promoting independence among the residents,
  • Communicating with co-workers and patients,
  • Recognizing abuse,
  • Proficiency in the medical language, and
  • Monitoring patient vitals, fluid intakes and mental state.

Additionally, all CNAs in Orange must have a CPR training and certification to practice.