If you live anywhere in Ventura County, California you already know it is one of the most scenic places imaginable. It is also a great place for employment as a CNA. Not only is the entire state experiencing a shortage in these trained medical professionals, but is anticipating this shortage to continue into the future. The anticipated number of job openings for certified nursing assistants in the state is currently projected to be around 3900 per year! Thus, it is an ideal time to consider CNA classes in Oxnard.

CNA Classes and Licensing Requirements in Oxnard

Naturally, this might inspire you to consider a career as a CNA, and you should know that this does demand some specialized training. Anyone who wants to become an officially registered CNA must begin by taking a pre-approved course from the California Department of Health as well as passing a state exam.

Currently, CNA programs involve 50 hours of specific CNA classes and an additional minimum of 100 hours of practical work. This can only be done once the student has obtained CPR training, passed a physical exam, and had a proper criminal background check conducted.

Key CNA Training Programs in Oxnard

Anyone looking for training programs in the area of the county can turn to the following sites for pre-approved CNA classes in Oxnard:

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Essential Skills Learned in CNA Training Programs

Below we list the essential skills required to perform the work of the CNA, but you should also stop to ask yourself if you have the proper personality and mindset for the work. After all, you will need to be tremendously patient and compassionate, and you have to be flexible along with a good sense of humor because of the many things that will occur while “on the job”. These are not skills you can learn in your CNA classes!

No matter which resource you use for your training, you will be required to master the following skills:

  • CPR,
  • Mastering how to properly and safely toilet patients Methods for properly caring for patients, including everything from feeding and bathing, to moving them from bed to a chair, etc.,
  • Learning how to provide services to the supervising nurses and physicians at a medical facility,
  • Using and implementing patient safety techniques, and
  • The basics of human anatomy and physiology.

The federal guidelines may also allow CNA programs to include the dispensing of medications and working directly under the supervision of a doctor. CNAs might also be asked to understand basic housekeeping since they may become a “live in” caregiver for a patient or long term client.

Earnings Information

It is interesting to keep that last point in mind because it can play a major role in the amount of income you earn as a CNA. As of August 17, 2020, the median salary for a CNA in Oxnard is $34,600, with a range between $28,735-$41,478.

Finding Information about CNA Jobs in Oxnard, California

This brings us to the need to begin discovering where to look for employment as a CNA in the Oxnard region. We suggest that you always start with a sort of “broad” search to see exactly what is available. For instance, a glimpse at the Craigslist pages for this area show that all types of CNA work are open and actively seeking qualified candidates.

If you would prefer to have job openings pre-screened and targeted to your wishes it might be best to speak with a staffing service. These are groups that work directly with large scale and private employers to fill the different positions available. The firms most commonly used by CNAs in Oxnard include:

Key Employers to Know

If you are hoping to get some initial “on the job” training it is possible through interaction with the larger employers. These are the high quality hospitals and medical centers in the region. They include:

If you use the suggestions and resources here you will be able to get your CNA classes, training, and license in no time. The key is to understand the type of certified nursing assistant you wish to become in Oxnard.

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Oxnard Adult School Camarillo Vocational Center 1101 West Second Street 805- 385-2578
Ventura Training Institute 805- 585-5485
Ventura Training Institute/Short 620 South D Street 805- 385-5485