According to federal mandates, the state of Ohio has the Ohio Department of Health oversee the nursing aide programs. This is good because the state is one of many that are anticipating a shortage of trained CNAs in the coming years. In all of the major cities, including Toledo, most medical and healthcare facilities are scrambling to get enough help.This means that now is a good time to consider enrolling in CNA classes in Toledo, OH.

Finding Information about CNA Jobs in Toledo

Though it is a relatively small city with only a few hundred thousand inhabitants it is still one with a lot of work available. If you are only considering the options it is a good idea to visit a general listing such as the classifieds of Craigslist as these can show you just how many jobs are open.

If you have very specific work in mind (such as working as a caregiver or in a major university hospital) you should give your details to a medical staffing service. They can send you towards targeted results.

CNA Classes and Licensing Requirements in Toledo

Naturally, you cannot just start working as a CNA without proper Ohio training and certification. Any CNA in the state has to complete one of the CNA programs that has been accredited by the Ohio Department of Health.

They must also pass the licensing exam before they can start working, but are not allowed to schedule the test without having first finished the proper CNA training. All of the approved CNA programs will require 75 hours of classroom and clinical work. Students will also have to submit to a criminal background check and a physical exam before they can be tested and put on the Nursing Aide Registry.

Available Medical Assistant Programs Options Accepting Students

Get information on Medical Assistant programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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Key CNA Training Programs in Toledo

Where can you find the facilities offering this approved CNA training programs? The Ohio Department of Health has a full list of approved training centers, but the top spots for CNA classes in Cincinnati include:

Key CNA Employers to Know in Toledo

Once you have done the classes passed the exam, and been put on the registry you can begin to seriously seek the right job. While you can get in touch with one of the staffing services identified above, it might be an even wiser decision to get your further experience from one of the larger employers in the region, such as the clinics and hospitals around Toledo. These will include:

Salary Information for Certified Nursing Assistants in Toledo

Before you commit to getting CNA training and looking for work, however, it is important to learn what you should expect in terms of pay.The median annual Certified Nursing Assistant salary in Toledo, OH is $31,210, as of August 4, 2020, with a range usually between $25,918-$37,419 (

Currently, the average starting wage in Toledo is the same. This does not take into account the live in positions that earn substantially more – around $26k. So, it pays to do a bit of research to know what your chosen area will bring in terms of income.

Key Skills Learned in CNA Training Programs

Because all CNA training in the state of Ohio is based on federal suggestions, you can anticipate learning at the following skills in your classes:

  • CPR certification;
  • How to provide services to the supervising nurses and physicians at a medical facility;
  • How to properly care for the patients, including everything from feeding and bathing, to moving them from bed to a chair, etc.;
  • The basics of human anatomy and physiology;
  • Using and implementing patient safety techniques; and
  • How to properly and safely toilet patients.

Some CNA training programs might also include the dispensing of medications and working directly under the supervision of a doctor within the training. And the job can also include some housekeeping tasks and skills as some CNAs take a higher wage and become  a “live in” caregiver for a long term client after completing their CNA classes in Toledo.

We should also mention that the right temperament is essential in order to become a successful certified nursing assistant in Toledo as well. If you are not patient, compassionate, and someone with a good sense of humor, you may find that the work of the CNA is not for you.

  • CNA Training Centers
  • Street Address
  • Phone Number
Amtech Medical Training Center 5407 Lewis Ave 419- 671-6263
Care-4-You LLC 901 Washington Street 419- 593-0025
Davis College 4747 Monroe Street 419- 473-2700
Med1Care 5461 Southwyck Blvd, Suite-F 419- 866-0555
Nurse Aide Training Centers 3540 Secor Avenue, Suite 202 419- 324-0488
Richards Health Systems 5237 Renwyck Drive 419- 534-2371
Swan Creek Health Care Center 1650 Swan Creek Lane 419- 865-4445
Toledo Public Schools 2200 Arlington Ave 419- 671-2000
Toledo Public Schools 2400 Collingwood Blvd 419- 671-4000
Whitmer Career And Technology 5719 Clegg Drive 419- 473-8419