Cleveland offers a wealth of career opportunities, and for those choosing to enter the medical industry, becoming a CNA can be an excellent decision. CNAs start out with a decent salary, and there is tremendous potential to move up. Many CNAs go on to become RNs and LPNs, while others choose to go into medical center administration or another related area. It’s a great starting point for a career, and the medical industry is only going to grow further. The first step is to sign up for CNA classes in Cleveland.

Finding Job Information for CNAs

It’s a wise decision to look into the industry before you start making permanent plans to become a CNA. You will find that job information can help you determine where you want to work in Cleveland, what most employers require in terms of CNA training and previous experience, and even how much you might earn with different medical centers and clinics within Cleveland.

You can start your search for job information with the city’s Craigslist page – the classified job ads here will give you an excellent overview of what to expect across the industry in Cleveland. From salary information to area employers, there’s a lot to be gained here.

Don’t limit your search to that one resource, though. You can also find job information (and find employment) through the city’s many medical staffing agencies.

CNA Classes and Licensing Requirements in Cleveland

To become a CNA in Ohio (or state-tested nurse aid as the position is termed here), you will need to complete one of the state-approved CNA programs and then take the licensing exam. The state does not mandate that you take a CNA training course, but you will find that passing the exam without training can be difficult. CNA programs should be approved by the state and should consist of at least 75 hours of training, including both specific CNA classes and clinic experience.

When you have completed your classes and training (or if you already have the knowledge necessary), you will need to sign up for the licensing exam. Like most other states, this is a two-part exam that consists of a series of multiple-choice questions and a skills assessment portion. There are 79 written questions to be answered, and you must score at least 80% correct to become licensed. The state also requires you to pass a full background check and have a clean TB test.

Available Medical Assistant Programs Options Accepting Students

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Key CNA Training Programs in Cleveland

Getting the CNA training necessary to pass the state’s licensing exam is very important. While you are not required to take classes prior to attempting the exam, you’ll find that having the right skills is important. There are quite a few CNA training programs in Cleveland that can help you gain the education that you need, and the following options are among the best when considering CNA classes in Cleveland:

  • The American Red Cross – This CNA training course offers 96 hours of training and includes certification in CPR. Classes are held at the Greater Cleveland location.
  • Med-Cert Inc. – This 76 hour course prepares you to take The Ohio State Board of Nursing exam for nursing assistants

Key CNA Employers in Cleveland

Once you graduate from your CNA classes and have passed the exam, it will be time to turn your mind to employment as a certified nursing assistant in Cleveland. There are numerous medical facilities and clinics in the city, and you’ll find that the following options have a need for professionals with your skillset:

Salary Information

Cleveland has a robust medical industry, and those aspiring to become CNAs will find that they can earn a competitive salary. The median annual Certified Nursing Assistant salary in Cleveland, OH is $32,280, as of August 4, 2020, with a range usually between $26,797-$38,699 (

Key Skills Learned in CNA Training Programs

Training programs will give you an important skillset, vital to providing excellent patient care. The skills learned through your CNA classes should include:

  • Wound care and infection prevention
  • Cleaning and bathing techniques
  • Proper lifting and moving techniques for patient transfer
  • Use and application of basic medical devices
  • CNA Training Centers
  • Street Address
  • Phone Number
Blossom Healthcare 11811 Shaker Blvd, Suite 120 216- 229-3337
Cleveland Board Of Ed/Health 1651 East 71st Street 216- 426-7079
Cleveland Move Medical Training 2996 West 25th 440- 253-9342
Community Career Training Institute 55 Erieview Plaza, Suite 620 216- 456-1050
Cuyahoga Community College 2415 Woodland Avenue 216- 987-3071
Resourceful Homecare Services Inc 812 East 156th 216- 482-5523
RN Heavenly Hands 10605 Chester Ave, Suite 507 216- 571-0134
Rogers Home Care 959 East 144th Street 216- 851-1853
The American Red Cross Of Greater Cleveland 3747 Euclid Avenue 216- 426-7535
U-First Homecare Services 11212 Miles Ave, Suite 3 216- 408-2820