Known for its historic beauty, Wilmington is located on the North Carolina coast, just to the north of the South Carolina border. This city is known for its large production house, its historic downtown area, and its growing economy. The medical industry is one field that is growing exponentially in the city. Because of this, it’s is an ideal place for CNA training and finding jobs in the certified nursing assistant field. Of course, the first step is to find CNA classes in Wilmington.

Finding More Information in Wimington

Before you make any type of decision about your career path, it is a good idea to learn more about available jobs in the medical field. When you want to learn more, one option is on the web. will give you an overall view of how many people are currently hiring certified nursing assistants. While this may change after you have finished your training, it is a good place to start gathering information.

Employment staffing agencies in Wilmington can also provide you a great deal of information now and in the future. Now, they can help you learn more about the job market and in the future, they can help you find a job. Some of the employment agencies in Wilmington include:

CNA Training in Wilmington and Licensing in North Carolina

In order to become a certified nursing assistant in Wilmington, you must follow the state minimums set forth by the government of North Carolina. You must take part in CNA classes in Wilmington that include 50 hours of coursework and 100 hours of clinicals. The classes and clinicals must be taken at a state approved and accredited program.

Upon completion of your classwork, you must take the CNA license examination through the NACES Plus Foundation. This exam includes two different sections. The first section will test your knowledge through a written exam of multiple choice questions. The second section is a practical exam in which you will be tested on certain CNA skills.

Your CNA license will be good for two years. You will need to renew after two years. In order to renew your state license, you will need to show that you worked as a certified nursing assistant in North Carolina during those two years.

Available Medical Assistant Programs Options Accepting Students

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Finding Quality CNA Training in Wilmington

When you make the decision to become a certified nursing assistant, you will then need to choose from CNA programs in Wilmington. You could choose online CNA classes, but it is very important to choose carefully. The program that you enroll in must be accredited and state approved in order for you to attain your certified nursing assistant license. Some of the quality training programs offering CNA classes in Wilmington include the following:

CNA Employers in Wilmington

Choosing the right job after you finish CNA training in Wilmington can be a big decision. You need to choose a job that you are happy with. There are many high quality employers in the growing city from which you could choose. Some of the top Wilmington CNA employers include the following:

Salaries for CNAs in Wilmington

While Wilmington CNAs make less than the national average, the salary is definitely not at the bottom of the pay scale. The median annual Certified Nursing Assistant salary in Wilmington, NC is $29,440, as of August 18, 2020, with a range usually between $24,454-$35,286 (

Important Certified Nursing Assistant Skills

As a certified nursing assistant in Wilmington, you will obviously want to have the skills needed to excel in your career. If you take the time to choose proper CNA training in Wilmington, then you should learn the skills you will need, such as:

  • Communication with patients, families, peers, and supervisors
  • Patient care, hygiene, bathing, and cleaning
  • Reading and properly recording patient vitals
  • Caring for mentally challenged patients

One of the best ways to choose from the best CNA programs in Wilmington would be to choose from programs with high exam pass percentages. When the majority of the graduates pass the state exam, this is a very good sign that the program is high quality.

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