Close to Lake Michigan, the lovely city of Grand Rapids, Michigan has a tremendous amount to offer. It is also known as one of the ten top cities in terms of job opportunities for CNAs. Though the population is roughly 194k, there is an anticipated need for around 1300 new CNAs in the state each year over the course of the coming decade! That makes it a good place to seek employment and training as a certified nursing assistant. The first step is to seek out CNA classes in Grand Rapids.

Primary Skills Learned in CNA Training Programs

What will you have to learn to take one of these jobs?  Grand Rapids CNA programs will teach students all of the following skills:

  • How to properly and safely move, lift, feed, dress, and even toilet patients;
  • How to provide services to the supervising nurses and physicians at a medical facility;
  • CPR training certification (mandatory in the state);
  • How to properly care for the patients, including everything from bathing to moving transferring them from bed to a chair, etc.;
  • Using and implementing patient safety techniques, and
  • The basics of human anatomy and physiology.

CNA programs in Grand Rapids can include some basic housekeeping in order to become a “live in” caregiver for a patient or long term client as well.

Popular CNA Training Programs in Grand Rapids

Though the state’s Department of Community Health ensures many CNA training programs, the following are the most convenient for students looking for CNA classes in Grand Rapids:

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Required CNA Classes and Licensing in Grand Rapids

What will you actually learn in CNA training programs? Firstly, know that you only want to sign on for those programs officially sanctioned by the state Department of Community Health as these are the only courses that lead to official registration as a CNA.

Before you can sign on to one of the 200+ CNA programs, however, you have to meet some basic criteria. You must be at least 18 years of age, have a high school diploma or GED, get a health exam that includes a drug screening, and have a criminal background check. Once this is done you can begin the mandatory 75 hours of course work required. This is divided between practical “hands on” training and traditional CNA classes.

When your CNA classes and training are completed, you are then allowed to sit for the state exam. This means heading to one of the pre-approved Prometric facilities and taking the exam in the appropriate location. If you pass the exam you then become licensed as a CNA and placed on the states Nurse Aide Registry. That is when you can begin seeking work as a certified nursing assistant in Grand Rapids!

Wage Information

Though there are many jobs for CNAs, and many more being created in the coming years, the annual wages earned by CNAs in Grand Rapids are about 21% lower than the national average. The median annual Certified Nursing Assistant salary in Grand Rapids, MI is $31,490, as of August 4, 2020, with a range usually between $26,160-$37,756 (

Best Employers to Contact

Which of the hospitals and clinics is a good place to begin? Many new CNAs head to large scale employers to complete training and really discover which parts of the CNA job they really prefer to do. There are some award winning spots to choose in the Grand Rapids area, and they include:

Details about CNA Jobs in Grand Rapids

Are there other ways to get work as a CNA in the city? Absolutely! One of the wisest choices is to just use an online tool such as Craigslist to see all of the current openings for CNAs. Alternately you might contact one of the staffing agencies and speak with them about your wishes too. One of the better services of this kind is Diversified Medical Staffing.

Utilizing the resources we have provided will help you to get the proper CNA training and licensing you need, and to start seeking a job that is suited to your skills and your professional goals.