Tagged as one of the top ten best places for CNA careers due to an increasing number of new jobs each year, Detroit is not the most obvious place to look for a lucrative career. After all, this city has made headlines for its financial struggles over the past decade, but now it is beginning to make strides, and this can be seen in a healthier job market. Consider too that U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has stressed that there will be a measurable rise in demand for CNAs by 2020, and estimates growth of roughly 20% to 34%, but even this figure may not keep pace with Detroit’s needs for CNAs. Thus, it’s a good time to consider enrolling in CNA classes in Detroit.

Information about CNA Jobs in Detroit

What steps can you take to become a CNA in Detroit? We recommend two very specific methods: using online job portals designed especially for CNAs and using staffing services. (You can also just do a basic Monster.com or YahooJobs search of course).

Let’s look at the portals first. These are more of a DIY approach because you have to do applications, interviews, and more. The best engines are those that mention CNA in their URLs, which includes CNA.Jobs-to-Careers.com.

Using the portals allows you a lot of control and really demonstrates the size of the “inventory” of available jobs. If you are just not up to all of the work, however, you can contact one of the recruiting or staffing services for CNAs in Detroit too. They will have many positions already available and can help you find the ideal spot very quickly. They include:

If you use this approach for finding work as a CNA in Detroit you still have to have your credentials available. This means you need to be sure you have taken the right CNA classes and become certified.

Details about Licensing and Education Requirements for CNAs in Detroit

Michigan’s Department of Community Health, Bureau of Health Professions is the group that regulates the registry for certified nursing assistants throughout Michigan. Training occurs in approved CNA programs and the company known as Prometric administers the competency exams at pre-selected locations. Training includes 75 hours of specific CNA classes and around 16 hours of actual “hands on” clinical experience. You have to take the course and pass the Competency Exam in order to bcome listed on their registry. You will also need to get a criminal background check, and after that you can work as a CNA in Detroit.

Available Medical Assistant Programs Options Accepting Students

Get information on Medical Assistant programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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CNA Training in Detroit

There is a rather long list of locations to get your CNA training in Detroit, but the following are among the most well known and popular:

Information about Key Employers

With more than 65 hospitals in Detroit and the surrounding region, and also with the dozens of traditional nursing homes and skilled nursing establishments, you will discover a lot of work options as a CNA in Detroit. Whether you want classic work or specialized employment, we suggest the following top hospitals:

Detroit is well above average in terms of market growth for jobs as a CNA. The anticipated boom means that you can quickly find work using any of the resources above.

Salary Information

The median annual Certified Nursing Assistant salary in Detroit,MI is $33,070, as of August 4, 2020, with a range usually between $27,472-$39,642 (Salary.com)

Key Skills Learned In Training

CNAs learn a lot of the same things that nurses do. They support all kinds of routine care, but the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics also strongly suggests that potential CNAs consider their “skills” in compassion, patience and good language in addition to the standard CNA classes in Detroit, which includes:

  • Safety
  • Reporting
  • Patient Rights
  • Observation
  • Medical and Anatomy Terminology
  • Ethics
  • Communication, and
  • Basic Nursing Skills

This is a growth industry, and the more CNA training and education you get along the way, the farther you can go.

  • CNA Training Centers
  • Street Address
  • Phone Number
Crockett Vocational/Technical Center 571 Mack Avenue 313-494-1805
Genanscot Services 17800 E. Warren 313-647-9860
Greater Horizon Training Institute 7310 Woodward, Suite 603 313-871-2600
Hazy Institute of Learning 16007 W. Eight Mile Road 313-945-8070
Health Care Solutions and Career Group 15800 West McNichols, Suite 233 313-541-8141
Henry Ford Community College 2990 W. Grand Blvd. 313-701-5980
SEMARC-Fisher Bldg. 100 Mack Ave 313-833-4440
Wayne County Community College 8200 West Outer Drive 313-943-4490