Only a short distance west of Chicago is the lovely small city of Elgin. With its population of 108k, it is a comfortably sized location that has a lot to offer. The many sights of the city, the lake, and the lovely Illinois countryside add up to a great place to live and work. This is especially true for anyone who wants to work in a new field because Elgin, Illinois is one of many states that are actively seeking a Certified Nursing Assistant. It is a place anticipating the creation of more than 1600 new positions each year during the next decade, and this means it is a good time to consider CNA classes in Elgin.

Licensing And CNA Programs In Elgin, Illinois

The career of any new field begins with training programs that have the required classes. This means that you must use only approved CNA classes through the Illinois Department of Public Health. Once training is finished, the student must sit for the state exam and only after that can they begin providing services as a licensed CNA.

Before enrollment is permitted into CNA training programs, the student has to have a criminal background check and prove that they are current on immunizations. It is also suggested that CPR certification be obtained as well. Once this in place they can start training, and that can take up to 120 days, or more to complete and features a minimum of 75 hours of course work. This is divided between classroom work and “hands on” work.

Best CNA Training Programs In Elgin, IL

You can visit the website of the state’s Department of Health to see the complete list of the programs already approved for CNA training, but the following are the most convenient sites for those looking for CNA classes in Elgin:

Available Medical Assistant Programs Options Accepting Students

Get information on Medical Assistant programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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Skills Acquired In CNA Training Classes

What will students learn to do in their hours of training? Certified Nursing Assistant students need to master a long list of skills that are mandatory, and common to all programs. We also suggest you consider your natural skills such as patience, compassion, and the ability to multi-task. The technical issues you will cover during your CNA classes and over all training will be:

  • Using equipment in the medical field,
  • Proficiency in the medical language,
  • Monitoring patient vitals, fluid intakes and mental state,
  • Preparing patient meals and feeding when needed,
  • Infection control,
  • Recognizing abuse
  • Communication between yourself and peers or patients,
  • Creating status reports for appropriate agencies and authorities,
  • Establishing and promoting independence among the residents,
  • Doing transfers and/or patient lifts, and
  • Providing personal care such as toileting and changing.

Additionally, all students should have CPR certification too.

Earnings Information In Elgin

The salaries in the Elgin area are 11% less than the national average. This is entirely because the cost of living in the region is lower than the national average as well. As of August 4, 2020, the average pay for a Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) in Elgin, IL is $33,660 annually, with a range of $27,967-$40,366. (

Essential Information About Jobs In Elgin, Illinois

Where do you go to find employment when you become a CAN? Home health aide, or nursing assistant? Many new CNAs begin with a broad based search that offers a sort of review of the entire job market and possible earnings. For example, the use of the website known as Indeed will prove very useful and informative. You will also want to increase your chances of finding the perfect job by working alongside some of the reputable nursing staffing services. By letting them know the type of work you are hoping to find, you will be able to get started immediately. The most reliable services include:

Large Employers

Many newly certified CNAs also decide that it would be best to get a lot of different on the job experiences. They accomplish this by working for a large-scale employer – such as a hospital or clinic. The following sites are among the finest in the region:

Use all of the resources above to begin programs or seeking the ideal CNA job in Elgin right away.

  • CNA Training Centers
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ELGIN COMMUNITY COLLEGE 1700 Spartan Drive 847- 214-7304
J’RENEE CAREER FACILITATION, INC 415 Airport Rd. 815- 444-7751
LARKIN HIGH SCHOOL 1475 Larkin Ave 847- 888-6996