Anyone who has ever visited to the Denver area in Colorado will already know that it is a region with an impressive amount of culture, education, and activity. This is why so many people choose to live, study, and work in the area. The job market is also very healthy, and it is very easy to find many opportunities to become a CNA, including in the small city of Lakewood just outside of Denver. Of course, the first step is to consider CNA classes in Lakewood.

Information about CNA Jobs in Lakewood

The first step is to determine if the available jobs for CNAs in Lakewood are suited to your personal interests and goals – such as live in care giving or assisting nurses in hospitals. A reliable method for discovering the answers is through a visit to the area. Doing this lets you see the many CNA jobs waiting to be filled.

You can also conduct a targeted search by submitting your name, credentials, and preferences to nursing staffing services too. One of the most popular in the city is BrightStar Care West Denver.

Licensing and Education Requirements

Naturally, you cannot just start working as a certified nursing assistant without proper CNA training and certification. Nurse’s aides in the state have to complete one of the CNA programs in Lakewood that have been accredited by the Colorado Board of Nursing. They must also pass a mandatory state exam before they can start working. The exam requires that you apply through the Colorado Division of Registration, and this can be done online.

All of the approved CNA programs require 107 hours of classes, and 16 hours of clinical training. This has to be through one of the many approved CNA programs in the area, and before being admitted to any  of these programs a student will also have to submit to a criminal background check, a health exam, and demonstrate completion of high school or a GED.

The exam is given at a Pearson Vue facility, and when passed the student becomes added to the state CNA registry.

Available Medical Assistant Programs Options Accepting Students

Get information on Medical Assistant programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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CNA Training Programs in Lakewood

Where can you find these CNA programs? Colorado has a lot of sites where this is available, but sites offering CNA classes in Lakewood currently include:

Key Employers to Know

Once you have enrolled in one of the available programs, completed the classes and training, passed the exam, and been listed on the state registry you can start looking for the perfect CNA job. This means that you can begin by contacting one of the nursing staffing services, or it might be a wiser choice to obtain your earliest professional experiences with one of the larger employers in the region, like the clinics and hospitals around Lakewood. These will include:

Wage Information

The median annual Certified Nursing Assistant salary in Denver, CO is $32,640, as of August 6, 2020, with a range usually between $27,119-$39,136 (

Key Skills Learned in CNA Training

What do you need to learn in order to work as a CNA? Your CNA classes are going to focus on a blend of technical, administrative, and practical skills. While these are mandatory, we’d suggest you also consider your temperament. Being a CNA demands patience, organization, focus, and the ability to multi-task. All CNAs must complete their programs knowing the following:

  • How to listen and respond to patient concerns, and how to communicate this to physicians and nurses;
  • How to take vital signs;
  • Lifting and moving techniques;
  • Basic CPR;
  • How to properly toilet and dress their patients; and
  • How to clean, bathe, feed, and generally care for patients in many settings.

If you use the advice and resources identified above, you can find  good programs, successfully complete your classes and training, take the exam, and become a working CNA in a very short period of time. This is work that is in high demand and you will be able to enjoy your pick of the jobs and enjoy a very long career.

  • CNA Training Centers
  • Street Address
  • Phone Number
Colorado CNA Academy 1400 Simms St , Ste 300 303- 862-8941
Pacific School of Nursing Arts 7000 W 14th Ave 303- 233-8488