Boulder, Colorado is located between Denver and the Rocky Mountains. It is home to the University of Colorado. The city continues to be at the top of country’s lists for healthiest places to live. Of course, a part of maintaining health is a quality healthcare industry, which can be found in Boulder. There are numerous job opportunities for a certified nursing assistant once he or she has completed CNA classes in Boulder.

Learning about Boulder Medical Careers

To begin preparation to change your career path, you will need to learn more about the medical professions in Boulder. can be very useful for your information gathering. This page will let you see who is currently hiring, and many top employers do post on the site. This is a good starting point to learn more about the career you are going to soon begin.

Another resource is not online. There are Boulder staffing agencies that can help you better understand the job market for the certified nursing assistant in Boulder. You can also depend on the staffing agencies to help you find a job after your CNA training in Boulder. Staffing agencies nearby include:

Colorado Requirements for Certified Nursing Assistant Licensing

The state of Colorado has requirements for CNA licensing and training that are quite a bit more in-depth than the federal minimum. For example, the federal requirements for CNA classwork are 50 hours of in-class study. In the state of Colorado, you are required to complete 107 hours of CNA classes in Centennial. As far as practicals, they must be supervised for 16 hours. You do not have to hold a GED or high school diploma to begin CNA training in Boulder.

After you have finished with CNA programs in Boulder, you will need to take a two-part Colorado nurse aide exam. This exam includes multiple choice questions as well as a skills assessment. The two are graded together and you must pass the full exam to be licensed. After you become licensed, you can begin working in the state of Colorado. Your license will last for a total of two years. Then, you will need to renew it.

Available Medical Assistant Programs Options Accepting Students

Get information on Medical Assistant programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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CNA Training in Boulder

It is very important that you choose a quality CNA training program. Your CNA classes must be from an accredited program or they will not be accepted by the state for your licensing. This means you need to be careful of online CNA classes. Instead, take the time to choose carefully. There are several top programs offering CNA classes in Boulder, such as:

CNA Jobs and Employers in Boulder

Your CNA training in Boulder is the first step to becoming a certified nursing assistant. Once you have completed your classes and you have finished the exam, you will be able to register your name and then pursue a career. You can find quite a few options in Boulder, including the following employers.

What to Expect in a Certified Nursing Assistant Salary

As of August 6, 2020, the median pay for a Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) in Boulder, CO is $33,110 annually, with a range of $27,512-$39,701 (

CNA Skills Important in Colorado

The best way to become an exemplary certified nursing assistant is to attend quality CNA programs in Boulder. If you choose a high quality option, you will be taught such important skills as the following:

  • Basic patient hygiene and cleaning
  • Transporting incapacitated patients
  • Proper methods of infection control
  • Communicating with peers and patients
  • Recording patient vital signs

Choosing the right CNA training in Boulder is a must. With the proper training, you can excel at your job. One easy method to pick between CNA programs in Boulder is to look at their past students. You can usually access percentage information for the number of students who passed the state nurse aide exam. A high quality program will have more students passing the exam on the first try.