What Aspiring CNAs Should Know about Working in Madison, Wisconsin (WI)

The city of Madison, WI, is home to a burgeoning population and a wide range of different industries. One of the most promising industries for those who want to help others enjoy a higher quality of life and to provide them with care and comfort, is to become a CNA. CNAs in Madison can enjoy a competitive salary, as well as plenty of upward mobility. Higher positions are widely available through a number of hospitals, clinics and other medical facilities in the city. To take advantage of them, the first step is to register for CNA classes in Madison.

Important Information about CNA Jobs in Madison, WI

Before leaping into a career as a CNA, it’s a good idea to do some reconnaissance. This can help you get a better feel for the lay of the land, and ensure that you’re able to create a clear plan of action. You’ll learn quite a bit about the industry from a quick glance, including what your salary might be with different employers, what facilities need CNAs and other skilled medical providers on a regular basis and more.

One of the more prominent sources of information about CNA jobs in the city is the Madison Craigslist page. While you might think that this want ad site doesn’t have much to offer, you’ll be surprised by the amount of pertinent information you can glean just by a quick perusal of the various CNA and nursing jobs posted here.

Beyond the Craigslist page, you’ll find a wealth of information about becoming a certified nursing assistant in Madison from other sources. For instance, the city is home to a number of medical staffing agencies, all of which can help you learn more about your potential job options as well as helping you find a job when your CNA training is completed (or now, if you’ve already taken the state’s licensing test to become certified). Among the better options in the city, you’ll find:

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CNA Classes and Licensing Requirements You Should Know as a CNA in Madison

As with any other medical career, at least some training is necessary for CNAs. In Wisconsin, CNAs are called nurse aides, and must complete one of the CNA programs in the area that complies with the state’s specific requirements. One of these is the requirement that you undergo a minimum of 120 hours of training. The number of hours in your course may be greater than that, but it must be at least 120 hours, or the course will not comply with the state’s mandate. CNA programs in Madison require that 32 hours of that 120 must be spent in actual clinical practice putting your skills to use in the real world. The remainder consists of specific CNA classes. The test to become a licensed certified nursing assistant in Madison is given in two parts – one is a paper test with multiple-choice questions and the second part is a physical skills demonstration.

Key CNA Training Programs You Must Know in Madison

Gaining the skills necessary to become a CNA requires getting a good education. Finding the right place to take your CNA classes in Madison can be a hassle. Thankfully, aspiring CNAs in the area have several excellent options to get the training they require. These CNA programs include:

Alternatively, you can download the state’s entire list of approved CNA training programs from the Department of Health.

Key CNA Employers in Madison

A broad range of employers can be found in Madison, all of which have a regular need for skilled, licensed CNAs. The better options include the following:

Salary Information of Note for CNAs

In terms of salary, Madison CNAs can expect to earn slightly below the national average, with the median income for the area set at about $31,760, as of August 18, 2020. However, the salary range here is considerable, and will vary based on your specialty. If you want to become a caregiver companion CNA, your salary will be at the lowest end of the spectrum (around $26,373). However, if you want the chance to earn a higher salary, you might elect to become a nursing assistant CNA (around $38,084).

Key Skills Learned during CNA Training Programs

A CNA  who has completed classes and training will be expected to know and put into practice a broad range of skills. Just because this is an entry-level nursing position doesn’t mean it doesn’t require the right skillset. You’ll need to:

  • Know how to communicate with staff members, family members and patients in a variety of situations
  • Provide medication for patients
  • Chart and record medical information correctly
  • CNA Training Centers
  • Street Address
  • Phone Number