A comfortable suburb of Nashville, and with a “small city” population of 105k, Murfreesboro, TN is a great place to consider working as a Certified Nursing Assistant. The Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that there will be a nationwide increase in the need for CNAs, and this applies to Murfreesboro too. So, not only will you enter a field with a high demand for your skills, but also live and work in a really wonderful part of the world. Of course, the first step is to enroll in CNA classes in Murfreesboro.

Information about Jobs in Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Naturally, this may have left you curious about the job opportunities in the region, and you would only have to use a very reliable online resource to determine if there really is a strong need for CNAs. We suggest the use of Glassdoor to see the many ways in which CNAs can work, and also what they get paid.

Of course, you may already know the type of work you hope to do, and that would mean that you could simply contact a nursing staffing service to get a look at the current job openings available and to get a chance at finding the ideal location for your professional goals to be brought to life. One reliable such source is Wood Personnel.

CNA Programs and Licensing

Of course, you must get the proper CNA training and licensing if you want to become a Certified Nursing Assistant and work in the state of Tennessee. The courses and examinations are overseen by the Department of Health, which reviews all of the CNA training programs.

Prior to enrolment in CNA classes, the student has to submit evidence of a high school degree or GED, proof of a full physical exam that includes drug screening, and a complete criminal background check. Once this is done, they can participate in the courses.

All approved courses have at least 75 hours of CNA training that is split into 16 hours of “hands on” work with the rest given over to formal classes in a classroom setting. Once the training is done the student can schedule their exam. When they pass the exam, they are listed on the state registry.

Available Medical Assistant Programs Options Accepting Students

Get information on Medical Assistant programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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Training Programs in Murfreesboro, TN

Though the state Department of Health makes the full list of programs available at their website, the programs most convenient for people looking to take CNA classes in Murfreesboro include programs such as Community Care of Rutherford.

Top Employers to Know

Many newly trained CNAs are not yet confident in their skills and expertise, and because of this will opt to work in a setting that allows them to build their skill set and confidence. Some of the most common places where new workers begin their careers are hospitals and clinics, and some of the best in the city are:

Salary Information

The median annual Certified Nursing Assistant salary in Murfreesboro, TN is $29,700, as of August 4, 2020, with a range usually between $24,676-$35,622 (Salary.com)

Skills Learned in CNA Training

What skills do you learn in your CNA classes to become a professional in Murfreesboro, TN? Training is usually the same from program to program, but it is also important to consider “personality” as you prepare for this work. That is because workers do well when they have a lot of patience and compassion in addition to a good sense of humor. All students complete their classes with great knowledge of:

  • Basic CPR,
  • Lifting and moving techniques,
  • How to listen and respond to patient concerns, and how to communicate this to physicians and nurses,
  • How to take vital signs,
  • How to properly toilet and dress their patients, and
  • How to clean, bathe, feed, and generally care for patients in many settings.

Use the tactics, tips, and information above to get trained, tested, and licensed as a CNA. The field is extremely active and you will be able to easily find employment in almost any setting. Choosing an area such as Murfreesboro is also a wise choice because they are actively seeking new workers right now.

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