In the southern part of Missouri is the popular small city of Springfield. Home to roughly 164k residents, it is close to many beautiful attractions and destinations, and is also a thriving area. This is why the need for CNAs is so high as well, and the state anticipates hiring around 1300 new CNAs every year for the coming decade! This makes the city a good one to consider if you are interested in the work of a certified nursing assistant. The first step is to look into CNA classes in Springfield.

CNA Classes and Licensing Essentials in Springfield, MO

In order to work as a CNA in any capacity you will have to have completed the appropriate training and testing. All of this is under the auspices of the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, and it is this agency that will approve the CNA programs for the state. So, be sure that any training program that you choose has this official approval.

CNA programs in Missouri are a bit more rigorous than in other locations. To be allowed into such programs you must be 18 years of age, have a full criminal background check, and pass a full health screening that includes drug testing and a two-part TB test as well.

You will then begin a minimum of 175 hours of course work that incorporates 75 hours of CNA classes and another 100+ hours of “hands on” or clinical training. You are also required to have CPR certification as well.

When this is done you can then prepare for the final exam. This is usually done right in the same location as the training. When the student passes the test they are considered to be licensed and become listed on the official state registry as a certified nursing assistant.

Best CNA Training Programs in Springfield, MO

Although there is a complete online list of approved training facilities, the following offer CNA classes in Springfield:

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Skills Acquired in CNA Training Programs

What will a CNA in Springfield actually learn to do? Looking at the list below you can see that you will be asked to learn a blend of practical and technical skills throughout your training, but you must also have a lot of patience, compassion, an ability to easily and frequently multi-task, and a good sense of humor. In your CNA classes,  you will study:

  • Patient safety;
  • How to properly toilet and dress patients;
  • Listening to and responding to common patient concerns, and how to communicate this to physicians and nurses;
  • How to clean, bathe, feed, and generally care for patients in many settings;
  • Lifting and moving techniques;
  • How to take vital signs;
  • Encouragement of independence for the patients;
  • Upholding patients’ rights; and
  • Control of infection.

You also want to study and obtain CPR certification as well.

Earnings Information

What will you earn as a CNA in Springfield? According to the, the median salary when you work as a CNA in Springfield is $31,160 (August 18, 2020), with a range of $25,868-$37,350.

Essential Information about CNA Jobs in Springfield, MO

Where do you begin looking for work? You can do a very general job search on a useful site such as Craigslist. This will let you know the precise types of work available throughout the area, and what the salaries are. You can also skip the general search and begin a more targeted one by communicating with a few staffing agencies. They can get you details about very specific CNA work. Some of the more well known services of this kind in the city are:

Biggest Employers

You might also want to get as much experience as possible by working for the larger facilities in the city too. Hospitals and medical centers allow you to put all of your CNA training to use and to discover which facets of CNA work are your preferred tasks, etc. Some of the best options include:

Use the resources above to find CNA training programs and to do a search for work, and you will soon be on your way to a very happy and successful career as a certified nursing assistant in Springfield.

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