Close to both Kentucky and Illinois, the small city of Evansville, Indiana is a great location for both living and working. An even distance from Louisville, Indianapolis, and St. Louis makes it a convenient spot. Because the state is also anticipating a shortage in the medical professional known as a Certified Nursing Assistant, it is a great time to consider CNA classes in Evansville.

Finding Information About CNA Jobs In Evansville

Before deciding if you will head to Evansville to pursue your career, you will need to get a good view of the entire job market, the salaries, and the types of work available. Using a website like the is a great way to start as it will show you the ways that CNAs are being sought after in the city and region.

If you already know exactly what sort of work you want to do, and have the training, you can just get in touch with a medical staffing service. This is an agency that will get you the position you desire very quickly – whether in a hospital or in a private home as a caregiver. Some of the most reliable names include:

Licensing And CNA Programs

CNA training is regulated and administrated by the Indiana Department of Health. This is the group that assesses and approves all of the CNA training programs and their offered classes. It is the group that requires that all students intending to enroll first get a background check, health screening, and demonstrate their age (they must be over 18).

Students are required to take 105 hours of training before they can sit for the exam. At least thirty hours are spent in structured classes in a classroom-learning environment, while another 75 are spent in “hands on” learning in a clinical setting. Additionally, it is essential that a student have at least 16 hours in their programs before starting their clinical rotations.

The strong demand for CNAs in Evansville has created the need for all students to register well in advance for the credentialing exam. This is often done through the programs they are using, but the many CNA students will use Ivy Tech Community College locations for their testing.

Available Medical Assistant Programs Options Accepting Students

Get information on Medical Assistant programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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Training Programs In Evansville

The state Department of Health provides a full list of training sites already approved by the state, but for students in the  area the following sites offer CNA classes in Evansville:

Key Employers To Know

Once all of the training and testing are done, and the student appears on the state nursing aide registry, it is the ideal time to begin an official job hunt.

Even if the student has already consulted with some staffing services, we still suggest investigating options for enhancing skills and getting invaluable experience by working with the biggest employers in the area- large hospitals or medical centers. This allows any Certified Nursing Assistant to really identify the tasks that they enjoy the most and will want to do as their career advances. The following are top locations in Evansville:

Salary Information Upon Completion Of CNA Classes

Even with the growing demand for CNAs throughout the state, the average starting salaries in the state are around 11% lower than the national average. The median annual Certified Nursing Assistant salary in Evansville, IN is $30,510, as of August 4, 2020, with a range usually between $25,333-$36,566.

Key Skills Learned in CNA

During your CNA training you will develop a lot of technical, practical, and essential skills. Also consider the need to be someone who is patient, kind, and who even has a good sense of humor too. During your CNA classes you will build upon the following knowledge base:

  • Providing services to the supervising nurse at your facility,
  • Knowledge of human anatomy and physiology,
  • Patient safety techniques,
  • Caring for the patients, and
  • CPR certification

You will also need schooling in dispensing of medication, dealing with positioning in wheelchairs, and knowing how to communicate a patient’s needs properly to medical staff to become a CNA.

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