Although most people know that the Minnesota winters can be brutal, this still doesn’t stop hundreds of thousands of people from living in the lovely city of St. Paul. It is a town with lots of culture, educational venues, parks, and plenty to do. It is a good place to live and to work, especially if you are a CNA or want to become one by registering for CNA classes in St. Paul.

Remember too that St. Paul is part of the “twin cities” and that someone who lives in St. Paul could also easily find lucrative work as a CNA in Minneapolis as well.

Finding Information about CNA Jobs in St. Paul

If you want to prove to yourself that there is ample work in this region, you need only take a very broad view of the job offerings. For instance, exploring the CNA listings on sites like will show you the diversity of positions that a CNA can choose. There are also medical staffing services that can give a CNA a very targeted job search as well. For instance, if you want to become a live in caregiver, you can let the staffing service know, etc. One of the most reliable choices is Favorite Staffing.

CNA Classes and Licensing Requirements in St. Paul

Like so many other states, Minnesota demands that certified nursing assistants first take one of the approved CNA programs in the St. Paul, and then submit to a formal exam. These CNA programs are overseen by the Minnesota Department of Health and is the only way that a CNA can become certified and appear on the state registry.

CNA training requires 75 hours of classes that cover a diversity of topics. There is also the need for hands on learning and CPR training too. Before the student can take the exam they also have to submit to a security check and TB test as well.

Available Medical Assistant Programs Options Accepting Students

Get information on Medical Assistant programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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Key CNA Training Programs in Minnesota

This means you need to know where to get all of the official CNA classes and an approved site for the testing in St. Paul. A full list of training programs is available, but the following centers are ideally suited to those looking for CNA classes in St. Paul:

Key Employers to Know in St. Paul

So, you have the proper CNA training and the certification…now what? This is a moment to consider precisely what you want to do with the career. Do you want to focus on one area without any other experiences or do you think that you would benefit from a bit more training? If you answered with the latter, then you may want to consider the larger employers in the region – medical centers and hospitals. They can help you to really discover your path and learn what you want to do with your training in St. Paul. The biggest names are:

Salary Information

The average salary for a CNA is $30,958, as of August 4,2020. The starting CNA can anticipate roughly $25,580 up to $38,265 (

Key Skills Learned in CNA Training Programs

Although the CNA training programs in the state of Minnesota are not based on the existing federal guidelines, a student will still be trained in all of the following skills during their classes:

  • CPR certification;
  • How to properly and safely toilet patients;
  • How to provide services to the supervising nurses and physicians at a medical facility;
  • How to properly care for the patients, including everything from feeding and bathing, to moving them from bed to a chair, etc.;
  • Using and implementing patient safety techniques, and
  • The basics of human anatomy and physiology.

The CNA state training programs in Minnesota may also provide a student with the knowledge around the dispensing of medications and working directly under the supervision of a doctor. The work can also include some basic housekeeping since many certified nursing assistants decide to become “live in” caregivers for a patient or long-term client.

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