Historic and appealing, the city of Baltimore is also one of the best places to work as a CNA. In fact, Baltimore ranks seventh in terms of earnings, and is considered a remarkably competitive place to get a job. The CNA in Baltimore can also count on even more job opportunities in the coming years because of the national increase in demand for CNAs of all levels. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics anticipates a 20% to 34% increase by the year 2020, and this includes CNAs positions in Baltimore too! Clearly, it is an ideal time to sign up for CNA classes in Baltimore.

Information about CNA Jobs in Baltimore

Where do you look to find work once you become a certified nursing assistant? We recommend two different systems. The most familiar is to use  the Internet and any job related search engines. Our suggestion is different because we don’t suggest the typical engines or portals such as CareerBuilder.com, Monster.com, and YahooJobs (among the dozens of others). Though these work for many people, they are not the very best for finding work opportunities as a CNA. Instead, we feel that the CNA specific job portals are the right way to go. Please search CNA.Jobs-to-Careers.com for CNA jobs in Baltimore.

This method is going to show you what is available, and it also asks that you do most of the work. This includes the applications, the follow up, the screenings, and the rest. If that is not something you have the time or inclination to attempt, we suggest the second method – the use of staffing and/or recruiting services. The most reputable services for CNAs in Baltimore are:

This is a very direct tactic for getting a job straight away, but keep in mind that you will have to have all of your “ducks in a row” if this is the method used to find work as a CNA in Baltimore. What we mean is you must have the proper CNA training and licensing before contacting any recruiters.

Details about CNA Classes and Licensing Requirements in Baltimore

In Maryland, the Board of Nursing regulates the training and certification of certified nurse assistants and/or aides and has approved over 100 CNA programs throughout the state. These give the student the option to specialize as a medicine aide, developmental disabilities aide or home health aide, among others. Generally the student sits for 100 to 120 hours of CNA classes and clinical training and then takes their chosen CNA exam. They will also need to get a criminal background check, and after that you can become a CNA in Baltimore.

Available Medical Assistant Programs Options Accepting Students

Get information on Medical Assistant programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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Key CNA Training Programs in Baltimore

There is a long list of locations to get your CNA training  in Baltimore, but the following are among the popular CNA programs in Baltimore proper:

Information about Key Employers

With more than 31 hospitals in Baltimore, and with dozens of traditional nursing homes and skilled nursing facilities, it is relatively easy to find lucrative and gainful work as a CNA.

The following hospitals are rated as the very best and are ideally suited to the new and the experienced CNA in Baltimore:

Although Baltimore is not above average in terms of market growth for jobs as a CNA, it should not be ignored that the anticipated growth in demand will occur. This means that you may want to use some of the resources above to find work as quickly as possible. Especially because Maryland is also one of the highest paying states for certified nursing assistants.

Salary Information

The median annual Certified Nursing Assistant salary in Baltimore, MD is $33,180, as of August 4, 2020, with a range usually between $27,563-$39,771 (Salary.com)

Remember too that as the average for an entry level CNA, and not for the CNA who specializes, it is going to seem lower. Consider that a Nursing Assistant CNA in Baltimore (according to Indeed.com) will earn $36,000 per year and the CNA caregiver is paid on the average of $24,000 annually.

Key Skills Learned In CNA Training

All CNAs in Baltimore will follow federal learning guidelines in accordance with the Nursing Board’s established  CNA programs. This means that they can learn many of the same things in their classes and programs that trained nurses do. CNA classes in Baltimore cover:

  • Basic Nursing Skills
  • Communication, and
  • Ethics
  • Medical and Anatomy Terminology
  • Observation
  • Patient Rights
  • Reporting
  • Safety

Clearly, becoming a CNA in Baltimore is a good idea. You will find employment immediately and higher than average pay as you increase your skills and learning through continued classes and training programs.

  • CNA Training Centers
  • Street Address
  • Phone Number
American Red Cross 4800 Mount Hope Dr 410- 624-2000
Baltimore City Community College 2901 Liberty Heights Avenue 410- 462-8300
Caroline Center 900 Somerset Street 410- 563-1303
Coppin State University 2500 West North Avenue 410- 951-3000
Edmondson-Westside High School 501 Athol Ave 410- 396-0685
Gandhi-s Institute of Health Found 6120 Baltimore National Pike 443- 341-6171
Genesis Eldercare- Heritage Center 7232 German Hill Rd 410- 282-6310
Genesis Eldercare-Cromwell Center 8710 Emge Rd 410- 661-5955
Genesis Eldercare-Franklin Woods 9200 Franklin Square Drive 410- 391-2600
Johns Hopkins Bayview Geriatric Ctr. 4940 Eastern Avenue 410- 550-0100
Levindale Geriatric Center 2434 West Belvedere Avenue 410- 601-2400
Maryland Center for Arts-Tech 2901 Druid Park Drive Suite 303 410- 728-0679
Milford Mill Academy 3800 Washington Avenueÿ 410- 887-0660
Patterson High School 100 Kane Street 410- 396-9276
Sojourner-Douglas College 200 N. Central Avenue 410- 276-0306
Sollers Point High School 325 Sollers Point Road 410- 887-7075
St. Elizabeth Reh-Nursing Center 3320 Benson Ave 410- 646-6539