Finding a rewarding career path in the medical industry is easy enough for Louisville, Kentucky, residents. The city is home to a growing medical industry, and employers throughout the city and surrounding area need skilled, professional medical staff. CNAs are always in high demand here, and this can be a very rewarding career choice. What should you know about becoming a certified nursing assistant before you enroll in CNA classes in Louisville?

Where to Find Information about Jobs in Louisville

One of the first things any aspiring CNA will need is a good overview of the industry, as well as information about jobs in the city. One reason for this need is the varying job duties the position carries with it – a CNA with one medical center might perform very different duties to one with another facility. Of course, there’s other information to be found, including pay details, employer names and, of course, job openings. Where do you start?

The Louisville, KY, Craigslist page is a very good  place to start. You’ll find classified ads here for CNAs in all specializations, and you can get a very good overview of employers, pay potential and other important details.

You’ll find that locating work can also be done through other outlets besides online classifieds. The city houses a number of specialist staffing companies dealing with medical professionals like CNAs. Snelling Medical can offer help with medical careers.

CNA Classes and Licensing Requirements for CNAs in Louisville

Beyond getting a good look at the city’s healthcare industry and signing up with a medical staffing agency, you’ll find that the right CNA classes and training is an important consideration. All CNAs must be certified (not licensed) by the state, and you’ll have to graduate from one of the select state-approved CNA programs to qualify to take the exam. Kentucky mandates that CNAs undergo a training course that includes a minimum of 75 hours of CNA classes and must also provide 16 hours of dedicated study for infection control.

As with most states, Kentucky requires that CNAs renew their certification every two years, but there is no need to retake the exam as long as you were employed (for pay) during that period.

Available Medical Assistant Programs Options Accepting Students

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CNA Training Programs in Louisville

Before you can pass the certification exam, you’ll need to get the education necessary. There are quite a few different CNA training centers located in and around the city of Louisville, though not all of these are state-approved programs. During your search for a training provider, always check to see if they are approved by the state of Kentucky. If they are not (or you cannot find any information on their approval status), it’s best to choose another provider. Here are some of the key training centers in the city featuring approved CNA programs:

  • American Red Cross of Louisville: The American Red Cross offers state-approved training for aspiring CNAs in Louisville and the surrounding area. All participants must be at least 16 years old, and there is no high school diploma required to take the course. CNA classes are limited to only 15 students per class, so getting in early is important.
  • The University of Kentucky: The University of Kentucky offers a robust medical training program for CNAs. Early registration is encouraged because classes do fill up quickly. CNA classes are held in the University’s College of Nursing Building.

Key Employers in Louisville

In addition to housing a range of training providers, you’ll find that there are quite a few employers in the to choose from once you’ve finished your CNA classes in Louisville. The city boasts a wide range of hospitals, clinics, medical centers and other medical facilities, all of which require the skills of trained CNAs. You’ll find employment options with the following:

Salary Information for Louisville CNAs

In terms of salary, CNAs can expect a very wide range. According to, the median annual Certified Nursing Assistant salary in Louisville, KY is $30,390, as of August 4, 2020, with a range usually between $25,251-$36,446.

Key Skills Learned in CNA Training Programs

You will learn a number of essential skills during your period of training. While those skills will vary from one program to another, they will all offer the same core skillset (mandated by federal guidelines). These will include:

  • Caring for wounds
  • Infection control
  • Communication
  • Patient care and cleaning
  • Assistance with mobility
  • Monitoring vital signs and reporting changes

Certified nursing assistants serve a vital role within the medical industry in Louisville, and dedicated professionals will learn much more through experience on the job.

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